Review: Hotel Transylvania 2

Kotryna Kairytė reviews the sequel to the well-recieved Sony Pictures Animation

9th November 2015

Movies about vampires truly can’t get any more adorable than this, as Hotel Transylvania’s sequel proves that it was worth making after the first one’s success, which made a tidy third of a billion dollars.

The storyline follows the same characters - hotel manager Dracula and his daughter Mavis who is now married to a human Jonathan and expecting a baby. However, when little Dennis is born, all the monsters are worried that the little one is not showing any signs of being a vampire and might actually turn out to be a human.

Warnings at the beginning - “mild scary scenes, slapstick violence, and rude humor” – are genuine, but Hotel Transylvania 2 is not only that. The movie is full of wit and amusing scenes, and your heart will definitely be warmed by the monsters baby-proofing hotel for Dennis, or his grandpa Dracula learning to use an iPhone and social media.

"Full of life-lessons about tolerance, acceptance and love"

Moreover, the movie comes across as much more spirited and sophisticated than it was probably intended to be. Full of life-lessons about tolerance, acceptance and love, through the exploration of the relationship between Dennis’ human grandparents and the monsters, it very accurately and progressively hints at much more difficult problems that are faced by minorities and certain marginalised groups in our society.

"However, for a Sony Pictures Animation’s movie, the special effects are a bit lacking"

However, for a Sony Pictures Animation’s movie, the special effects are a bit lacking and the 3D seem quite tokenistic. The movie is definitely just as enjoyable and amusing when viewed in your regular 2D dimension, although if you’re bringing a bunch of little viewers, they will quite enjoy monsters appearing close to their nose.

All in all, Hotel Transylvania 2 doesn’t seem to be too ambitious and maybe that is why it’s so very enjoyable and funny. Definitely go and see it, because we all deserve some positivity and hearty laughs in our lives.

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