Review: Julie and the Phantoms

Arnojya Shree admits she's a phan-girl for Julie and the Phantoms

Arnojya Shree
19th October 2020
Credit: Netflix Futures on Youtube.
Music is such an inherent part of my life that it is almost impossible to be apart from it at times. If microchips are a part of our dystopian future, then I would surely get it custom made to play music as a background track at all times.

But why am I telling you this? Only because Julie and her Phantoms have everything to do with it. The new Netflix show is the sweetest way to begin this spooky month for sure. Moreover, the show has outdone itself in terms of providing us with a nostalgic narrative and is the best throwback for Gen-Z. 

Madison Reyes as Julie. Credit: Netflix Futures

The premise follows Julie Molina, a high school student who is dismissed from the music program of her school. Even with the constant persuasion of her best friend, Flynn, she is unable to face the music, quite literally due to the grief of her mother's death. In the aftermath of packing up her house, especially her mother's studio, she discovers a band called Sunset Curve. The ghostly trio is brought back to the earth plane after Julie plays their music. The show follows the musical impact which Julie and her Phantom friends have on each other's lives. 

Danny Ortega directed the show. Yes, the same guy who enriched our teen years with the iconic High School Musical series!

This slightly Halloween themed Netflix Original Series might involve another high school story than what we're used to, but the songs make it so worthwhile. Does that ring a bell? No? Well, a fellow film-tv-fanatic told me that Danny Ortega directed the show. Yes, the same guy who enriched our teen years with the iconic High School Musical series. Julie and the Phantoms is different in every essence, but the theme of family, friendship and music make it all too familiar. Every episode features at least one catchy song according to its particular topic. Although Ortega cast the actors separately, they appear effortlessly woven together in the final show, giving it more of an X-Factor semblance. 

Left to right: Owen Joyner, Charles Gillespie and Jeremy Shada. Credit: IMDb

Madison Reyes, who plays Julie, is a perfect choice for the role. As a 16-year-old new actress, she adds an inexperienced, amateur and gawky charm to the character, which represents the confusing teenage years we all had to endure. Charles Gillespie playing Luke and makes you nostalgic for our very own exuberant and impassioned Troy Bolton.

The show is light-hearted, funny and nothing short of charming

Gillespie, who confesses to being an avid High School Musical fan, is the fitting tribute to Bolton's character. Still, at the same time, he manages to balance it out with his authenticity. Owen Joyner and Jeremy Shada play the roles of Alex and Reggie. On the one hand, Owen adds a coy and sentimental charm to Alex, making the character a warm centre of the show, whereas, on the other, Reggie's playful and perky style always manages to get a laugh out of you. 

The show is light-hearted, funny and nothing short of charming. It has its sentimental moments of friendships and families, and how music often ties the two together. With the falling autumn leaves, the show promises to give you a few giggles and gets you into the Halloween spirit. Julie and her Phantoms are the sweetest preparatory Halloween candy we could have asked for! 

Credit: Netflix Futures
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