Review: Queer Eye season 5

In the spirit of Pride, Amanda Goh reviews the latest season of feel-good show Queer Eye

Amanda Goh
14th June 2020
What better way to start pride month than with a new season of Queer Eye, right? I was so determined to watch the whole season in a week before writing this article, and honestly it is doable, unless you are me and procrastinate at even watching TV. But once I had started, it was so hard to stop. Season 5 of Queer Eye honestly did not let me down (but when have they ever)!

Queer Eye is a reality series where The Fab Five transform lives of people in many different ways. With Jonathan Van Ness (grooming), Antoni Porowski (food), Tan France (fashion), Karamo Brown (culture) and Bobby Berk (design), being in 5 different professions, they are able to use their unique talents to transform the lives of people not only on the outside but also on the inside.

Season 5 is similar to the rest of the series, however with even more self care and empowerment in every episode. This season, the Fab Five were in Philadelphia helping real life heroes. From divorced dads to paediatricians, the Fab Five were able to empower and uplift each and everyone of them. This season seems to especially focus on selfless workers that care for their community more than themselves. From a 19 year old climate change advocate to a pastor struggling with his identity, this season is just jam-packed with emotions - the show can and will make you laugh and cry. It is hard not to watch this season without doing some self-reflection and getting the motivation to redo your room and closet.

It also reminds us that while we care for others and our community, we also need to remember to care for ourselves

Just like how the rest of the seasons has big themes, this season's theme seems to be self love. While the makeovers are one aspect of the show, I tend to focus more on the personal transformations in each episode. Watching each hero being transformed for the better makes my heart explode with happiness. It also reminds us that while we care for others and our community, we also need to remember to care for ourselves. And especially in the world we are currently in right now, love is what we need - both for ourselves and for others.

In the midst of this pandemic, a new season of Queer Eye is just what we need to take our minds away from the negativity of the world and feel more empowered and optimistic. This wholesome season absolutely needs to be on your to watch list. So, put on a face mask, get some popcorn and go forth and watch!

Featured image: Netflix on YouTube

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