Review: Rattlesnake (15)

Amanda Goh reviews Rattlesnake, a new Netflix film, to see if there are any good Netflix originals out there.

Amanda Goh
11th November 2019
Rattlesnake movie. Image: IMDB
The trailer for Rattlesnake, a Netflix original, had been interesting - a story about a mysterious lady who had saved a daughter's life and now the mother has a debt to repay - something perfect to watch on Halloween. I have always had my doubts about Netflix originals but now the doubts have become assured.

The film starts off with Katrina (Carmen Ejogo) and her daughter Clara (Apollonia Pratt) driving from Phoenix to Oklahoma. The mother-daughter duo then faces some difficulties on the road where Clara gets bitten by a rattlesnake leading to her fighting to survive. As Katrina gets help from a creepy lady, she was then told that she had to sacrifice a soul for Clara's life before sunset.

While the plot seemed to have great potential, it was in fact painful to watch.

While the plot seemed to have great potential, it was in fact painful to watch. The short 85-minute run time should have been the first red flag. The whole movie from start to end just felt rushed, with only shallow depth  about the characters and backstory. While it did start off hopeful of being a great horror movie, the story got more and more predictable as it went on. What could have been an epic moral dilemma, turned out flat. Katrina was seen to have no sense of urgency for the matter even during the short period of time that she had. The way the character had displayed herself left us with a lack of sympathy in her and her daughter's fate. Maybe the beige colour palate in the film was a reflection of it's plot. The end of the film left me with even more questions - there were so many holes in the story I would not even know where to begin.

The writer-director of this film Zak Hilditch, had previously directed some amazing films such as 1922. Unfortunately this film did not make the cut as one of his better works. The plot was predictable with a lack of twist, I could even use the word "boring".

Rating: 1/5

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