Review: Spawn DLC (Mortal Kombat 11)

James Troughton puts on Spawns burly boots and jumps head first into the carnage of Mortal Kombat

James Troughton
18th March 2020
Image Comics' very own Spawn has joined the fray in Mortal Kombat 11, and he's perhaps the best addition to the roster thus far.

He's competing with the likes of Joker and the Terminator, but Todd McFarlane's hellspawn well and truly shows them up in glorious fashion. He sports an incredible intro, fantastic voice acting from the talented Keith David (voice of Halo's Arbiter) and a stunningly intuitive and fluid moveset. It's safe to say that from the second you select him in the menu, you know that you've made the right choice. When you delve into the arena from your lightning-stricken red-tinted cross, things immediately spiral into a fun-filled extravaganza where the breaks don't work.

Jacqui Briggs now sports a brilliant new kosmetic with a she-Spawn skin.

However, as fun as combo-locking an opponent is, the big-ticket seller for the Mortal Kombat franchise is in its brutality, or rather its fatalities. Spawn sports some stunners. They're gory, well-animated and encapsulate the violent origins of the character in all its R-Rated spectacle; Todd McFarlane, who has stressed the importance of the adult rating for the upcoming film, is no doubt proud of what Netherrealm have created.

Fatalities aren't all that is on offer when it comes to Mortal Kombat 11, however. The game also pushes forward with the franchise's fatal blows, and Spawns is unrelenting. The use of his cape in all of these animated beatdowns is brilliant to watch, almost as if you're peering into a Doctor Strange MCU film that somehow slipped by Disney's family-friendly quota. They open up, revealing an army of guns that immediately mow down your opponent, and it has a charming personality, with a life of its own, that is represented phenomenally.

Spawn even grabs his foes by the neck and strangles them before ripping them apart with his chains, and all that is after you've given them a healthy dose of punch-and-kick. The cape is used fantastically and is unrivaled by any other character's attachments in the game so far. Netherrealm's morbid minds have done some of their best work.

Credit: @TheGaymerXL (Twitter)

Spawn hasn't jumped into the arsenal of fighting characters alone, however, as Jacqui Briggs now sports a brilliant new 'kosmetic' with a She-Spawn skin. This means that you can have an all-out brawl between two characters in Image Comics' library who look pretty much identical apart from their anatomy. It's a nice addition to the update, continuing the trend set by prior ones, such as the addition of DC characters in the form of skins that came out alongside Joker. The Batman Who Laughs and Harley Quinn in a Mortal Kombat game - who'd have thunk?

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With each DLC getting better, it's clear that Netherrealm aren't going to let up any time soon. With an entire pack yet to be announced, there's nothing but excitement for the game's longevity and future content. Hopefully, the Michael Myers leaks are true, because seeing the Halloween star indulge in some fisticuffs with an anti-hero in spandex would be a treat.

Featured image credit: @DesertHermitTC & @GirlyWolfPup (Twitter)

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