Review: The Good Place

Carey Boyle praises the new Netflix series...

Carey Boyle
15th October 2018
Credit: YouTube

The Good Place is one of the best series on Netflix. The show, which has recently debuted its third series, focuses on Eleanor Shellstrop who wakes up in the afterlife which she soon discovers is called ‘The Good Place’.

Eleanor dies after getting ran over by a rogue row of trolleys outside of a supermarket whilst she’s buying some Margarita Mix. The Good Place doesn’t fit into the idea of the afterlife that Eleanor has dreamt of which suggests that she doesn’t belong there.

My favourite character is Janet who is a programmed guide. Those of you who are familiar with Alexa will see the similarity between Janet and Alexa. A lot of you who own an Alexa will understand how easy it is to grab ‘her’ attention, my Alexa goes crazy whenever the advert before ...Bake Off comes on. Season two features a cameo from Maya Rudolph who is hilarious on Saturday Night Live and so I was thrilled to see her on The Good Place.

The series is created by Michael Schur who also made the hit series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The humour is quite intellectual and educational, with a strong focus on ethics dominating the plot lines. Kristen Bell’s character seems like a bad person at first, but I’ve grown to love her.

What makes The Good Place even more great, or dangerous, is that the episodes are only about twenty minutes long which means it is so easy to binge watch! The episodes often end on cliff-hangers which makes the urge to watch another hard to resist. The Good Place has acclimated its viewers to expect clever tricks. The amount of twists and turns makes it a quality watch and so it’s worth stealing your friends’ Netflix log in for.


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