Review: White Lies- Five

Sophie Wilson reviews White Lies' latest record which marks a decade of their music

Sophie Wilson
25th February 2019
Image- Instagram- @whiteliesofficial

The brand new album by White Lies, Five, was released on 1st February 2019, and it is one not to be missed. After having never heard of the band, and hearing it was a post punk album, I had low expectations. But I was pleasantly surprised. Despite some of the songs being very similar to each other, I found that listening to most of the album was actually very enjoyable, in fact I would go so far to say I would add them to my playlists for this month! The album includes very talented guitar solos, catchy tunes and an authenticity to the music that is hard to achieve.

The band’s album marks a decade of their music, and initially they struggled to write songs that fit their image and their style. But after 10 years of producing music, they have finally found their sound. With their fifth album, the songs all focus on the “human condition”, with the names of the album’s songs centring on everyday aspects of life.The album’s songs include names, ‘Jo?’, situations, ‘Time to Give’ and emotional feelings ‘Denial’. Finally, I think, they have found the type of music they have been searching for, this genre of music seems to come naturally to them.

I was pleasantly surprised


In all albums, there are some songs which are underwhelming compared to the rest, and I connected less to those like ‘Kick Me’. I found this song very repetitive, with little progression, and to be frank, I got quite bored listening to it. However, I thoroughly enjoyed most of the other songs. The musicians are extremely talented, with my favourite solo being the electric guitar in ‘Denial’. It is very simplistic, but it does not try and do an overcomplicated solo. It keeps it authentic, and gently introduces the punk element to the band’s music. ‘Jo?’ is another great song, with the music being uplifting and energetic, providing a contrast to some of the other pieces, like ‘Finish Line’, which are a lot more melancholy, but this contrast is exactly why the album works successfully for me.


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