Review: Wreck-It Ralph Two: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Chloe Mullins gives us her take on the new Wreck-It Ralph sequel

Chloe Mullins
10th December 2018
Image: Youtube

Wreck-It Ralph Two does not disappoint, it is both heart-warming and endearing and allows us to have a good laugh along the way.

Although it has been six-years since Wreck-It Ralph’s original release, the sequel does not disappoint and follows the same timeline, picking up six-years after Ralph becomes a hero.  The latest film follows Ralph and Vanellope on their mission to obtain a new steering wheel from the internet in order to save Sugar Rush and its characters.

The more serious moments within the film are appropriately countered with comedic relief

Ralph and Vanellope’s storyline presents a significant, albeit emotional, message which is especially key for younger viewers as it teaches them never to compromise their dreams for a loved one because a true friend will support you even if it is hard to say goodbye. Ralph’s recognition that Vanellope is not abandoning him and that they can still be best friends even if they do not live in the same arcade truly melts the heart, especially when they say goodbye.

In true Disney style, the more serious moments within the film are appropriately countered with comedic relief and in my opinion, the Disney princesses embody this best. The subversion of the damsel in distress trope was particularly inspired when we see the princesses coming to the rescue of ‘a big strong man’ (Ralph). The only downside to the appearance of the princesses was the animation changes Cinderella received. Although there were small animation changes to the majority of the group, Cinderella’s face looks completely different to the animation originally used in the film.

Apart from that, the animation was superb as usual and Disney’s portrayal of the internet as a physical space was enjoyable and interesting. Their use of official brands including eBay and Snapchat gave it a sense of authenticity and their added elements were particularly fun to watch, especially KnowsMore (the search engine) and his pushy autofill.

The only potential downside to the film is that some adults may find certain moments to be a little predictable, like when Ralph finds his necklace in two halves. However, these small moments do not take away from the viewing experience overall meaning that it is still enjoyable for all ages.

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