Shadowlands Postponed: What this could mean for the World of Warcraft community

Patrick Young breaks down the recent World of Warcraft: Shadowlands delay and why this happened

Patrick Young
14th October 2020
In a shocking move from Activision Blizzard, the release of the eighth expansion of World of Warcraft - Shadowlands has been postponed. Despite the lack of a release date, many fans are welcoming this delay.

Activision Blizzard (or simply Blizzard) have been known to rush expansions in the past. With the fifth expansion, Warlords of Draenor being frequently targeted as one which was released too soon according to many fans of this popular MMORPG, with questing feeling unfinished and lacklustre. 

The decision to scrap the initial release date comes less than a month before the official date of 26 October. This is likely an attempt by Blizzard to try to make the game more enjoyable for fans - Blizzard has seen a large drop in fan engagement with World of Warcraft in the years since the release of the fourth expansion, Cataclysm. Many fans were left feeling dissatisfied with the quality of gameplay and changes that were being made.

Other Blizzard games have been subject to harsh criticism as of late, with Diablo III receiving harsh critiques, and Blizzard going so far as to offer those who had bought Warcraft III: Reforged refunds. It is seemingly no surprise then why it is in Blizzard's best interest to work on creating the best experience possible in their games.

Other Blizzard games have been subject to harsh criticism as of late, with Diablo III recieving harsh critiques.

The prior expansion to Shadowlands - Battle for Azeroth, was also met with criticism about the gameplay, lack of dialogue options, and the reputation farming needed to unlock new races. The decision from Blizzard to postpone the launch of Shadowlands could indicate an attempt to perfect the disappointing issues felt by fans of the franchise.

However, during the beta tests, many testers complained about the level of bugs in-game and the lack of polish needed for a finished game. So, it comes as no surprise that fans reacted positively to the news of Blizzard taking extra time to work on Shadowlands, as it shows that this gaming giant is listening to its players, and giving them the great game they have so long been craving.

Despite no official release date, many fans wait for Shadowlands with baited breath, and I for one, belong to this group.

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