Showaddywaddy - Newcastle City Hall Review

Tom Harrow-Smith reviews Showaddywaddy at Newcastle City Hall

Tom Harrow-Smith
13th February 2017

It may be 43 years since Showaddywaddy in Leicester were formed but it’s fair to say that their natural exuberance still spills out all over the place. I was initially apprehensive about the gig when I read that they frequently perform at seaside resort venues such as Butlins. This was only intensified when we entered Newcastle City Hall to see no-one within 30 years of our age.

However, once it began I realised just how wrong I had been. Showaddywaddy proved that they are quite possibly the greatest band Britain has ever produced. They seamlessly combined 1950s harmonics with 1970s glam rock; a fusion which melted my ears. Their enthusiasm was so contagious that within the first 5 minutes the security staff had a battle on their hands to control the jiving middle aged crowd. The security eventually gave up attempting to keep the audience in their seats and allowed the party to swell.

"Showaddywaddy proved that they are quite possibly the greatest band Britain has ever produced"

Dynamic strobe lighting and classic 1970s disco style themes were used to transport the audience back to their youth. Coupled with the trademark colourful long tailed coats and leopard print accessories, this felt like truly authentic 1970s experience. I developed an irrational sense of nostalgia for a period which I had not even experienced.

The 2-hour show included quality renditions of all their classics, such as their 1976 number 1 hit 'Under the Moon of Love', as well as 'I Wonder Why', 'Remember Then', 'Three Steps to Heaven' and they even threw in their Christmas belter 'Hey Mr Christmas'.

This was not a night I will forget in a hurry. Leicester City may have won the Premier League last year, but they look like talentless swines compared to the musical genius of their Leicestershire counterparts, Showaddywaddy. If the opportunity ever arises to see Showaddywaddy perform live again (which is highly likely as they seem to live on tour), I will grasp the opportunity with both swollen hands.

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