So ... this is the end

After the academic year that set us free from Zoom, there is much to reflect on.

Cc Lee
31st May 2022
Image credit: Cottonbro, Pexels
I mean, what a year. Not only as this been a rollercoaster of a year academically, no doubt the social aspects have been a barrel of fun too! But what can we take from this year? What can we leave behind? And what can we look forward to next year?

Not only have you completed another year of learning, full of essay deadlines, revision sessions and, well, stress. We are actually coming up to the end of assignments. But what is more important perhaps, is that this year saw the return of the in-person lectures, and societies blooming after two years affected by COVID. We got to watch some epics in Film Soc, perform on stage with NUTS and NUGSS, as well as having frequent nights out with Med and Ski Soc. What has been lovely, is sharing this year with people and not screens. Actually being able to meet up for a coffee date and not be exhausted by break-out rooms and online lectures. Mmm, lovely.

Personally, I'd love to leave behind the disruption to studies. After four weeks of strike action, I can only hope that the University realises that the demands from lecturers and teaching staff are valid and get acknowledged. Moreover, I think we should all leave behind late-night cramming before exams, and early morning trips to McDonalds. (No one? Don't blame you). Maybe we can leave behind our legacies, for those that are graduating - panic masters anyone? Yes, yes please.

What has been lovely, is sharing this year with people and not screens.

Looking towards the Summer then, what can we anticipate? If you haven't already, there are countless balls and awards ceremonies to get you excited. Perhaps you're just looking forward to no more Canvas Submissions, hoping for a summer filled with late night parties and early morning trips to Burger King, may as well switch it up a bit - it is summer after all.

Looking ahead to next September, I personally can't wait for more thrilling performances from NUTS and NUGSS. More Winter Balls to wave away the first semester. Don't get me started on January assignments, though. Maybe a cheeky night out with the gang on the toon, as we share summer stories about work and being back home with the fam. Oh, and a chance to welcome all the new first years. I'm not scared of them, you are. Anyway, there's a lot to be excited about, hopefully, as we continue on.

So, this is the end. Hold your breath and count to ten, as Adele advises. But just like in the 00 movie, this isn't actually the end because you're probably returning to Newcastle in September. Unless you're like Judi Dench's 'M' and this is actually the end, then, well, goodbye.

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