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Our writers give you some spooky song picks for this Halloween

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28th October 2019
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Our writers share their thoughts on the best haunted hits for getting you ready for the big Halloween night out


Phoebe Bridgers - 'Demi Moore' - Joe Smith

There is something so inherently haunting about the song ‘Demi Moore’. The intro mixes a somewhat chilling yet reassuring synth with Phoebe Bridger’s mellow, rather calming vocals to create a song with an atmosphere so spooky, it wouldn’t feel out of place in a coming of age horror film. ‘I don’t want to be alone anymore’ mourns Phoebe as her words echo a fear that can be said to resonate within all of us. The fear of loneliness. Although, not a traditional Halloween song, ‘Demi Moore’ recognises terrors far more human than those portrayed by traditional horror media. The panic inducing dread of being endlessly alone. Joe Smith

Cannibal Song  'White Room' - Cayla Viner

Prepare for a weird psychedelic tune that you feel certain should be dark and harrowing, yet is kind of playful in an unconventional way... It begins with an odd man asking whether it will be okay to cook you dinner despite the fact he is a cannibal. He admits that he also loves food between the hat and sole of your shoes – watch out! We are then introduced to an equally creepy female who we soon find out is also a cannibal and they can be cannibals together; what a juicy story!


Radiohead 'We Suck Young Blood' - Dominic Lee

Right from the opening piano chords of Radiohead’s ‘We Suck Young Blood’ your skin starts to crawl. The progression of the notes feels staggered almost in the rhythm of a zombie-like walk. Thom Yorke’s famous falsetto murmurs “we want the young blood” and “we suck young blood” imitating Count Dracula as he preys on the weak. Yorke’s distorted moans under his haunting vocals also mimic muffled cries for help as he is “strung up by the wrists”. ‘We Suck Young Blood’ is possibly the most haunting track in the band’s discography and an essential this Halloween.


My Chemical Romance 'Blood' - Grace Dean

Most people had an “emo phase” when they were in secondary school. For some it was Paramore that they were obsessed with; others listened to Green Day every day, or stuck posters of Panic! At the Disco around their bedroom. For me, it was My Chemical Romance who shaped most of year ten at school. I thought I was a Killjoy, and my room and Facebook profile became shrines to Gerard Way. Some of their songs were very dark, but the hidden track 'Blood', taken from the American band’s third album The Black Parade, is somehow satirical, with its twisted lyrics encouraging listeners to “grab a glass because there's going to be a flood”. It certainly won’t give you nightmares, but listening to the strange lyrics certainly is enough to send a shiver down your spine.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'Head's Will Roll' - Charlotte Boulton

Aside from classics like ‘Monster Mash’ , this track has simply GOT to be played at any Halloween bash. Or,  knowing students, any of the multiple  costume parties that take over the weekend before and after actual Halloween. ‘Heads Will Roll’ epitomises the darker side of Halloween; there are genuine lyrics that say “off off off with your head, dance dance dance ‘til you’re dead”, for crying out loud. Yet the potentially pretty grim lyrics are offset by the incredible fast beats, so intense you feel like you actually could dance until you’re dead...or at least exhausted and in need of some horrifically synthetic orange-dyed spooky beverage to recover with. Add it to all of your Halloween playlists...or else

Radiohead 'Burn the Witch' - Carl Smith Valdez

If you are looking for a song to continuously listen to this Halloween season, look no further – it’s Radiohead’s Burn the Witch. Do not be fooled by its joyful and welcoming rhythm. The short stirrings of the violins bear resemblance to Hitchcock’s Psycho, invoking a sense of peril, panic and paranoia into the upbeat song. Even the lyrics carry a sinister meaning. The line “We know where you live” screams into your ears, bringing unexplainable chills down the spine. This song remains highly ambiguous around its meaning to the point that listeners are left pondering even after the song has ended. This song is guaranteed to keep you up thinking at night!

The Who 'Boris the Spider' - Rebecca Johnson

This is a tune to whack on your Halloween pres playlist. Created by one of the best bands Britain has produced, the Who, Boris the Spider is a track that may not send shivers down your spine, but will certainly make you feel incredibly uncomfortable.Written by bass player, John Entwhistle, the song tells the story of a spider who terrorises a household and eventually meets a bit of a grim end. The jagged bass and guitar and the chilling, “Borrrissss the Spiiiidddeerrrrrr” repeated during the chorus definitely makes it a contender for one of the creepiest songs recorded.






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