Spring has sprung on campus!

One of our campus comment sub-editors talks about the awaited season of spring.

Tiyanna Mistry
10th March 2022
Image Credit: Pixabay
Spring – the season of rebirth, renewal and rejuvenation. As the season approaches, students await in anticipation for the reopening of beer gardens, spring break activities and brighter days ahead. After the cold months that Newcastle Uni students have endured, which was exacerbated by Storm Eunice, the warmer months of Spring is something that is keeping everyone motivated and excited.

This all coupled with Easter and St Patricks Day means just one thing for us students and that is beer, beer and more beer, whilst also hoping for a slight tan when sitting in one of the Wetherspoons’ beer gardens.

The ushering in of this season brings forth excitement and happier days. For students, finishing a midday lecture and heading to beer gardens with friends to catch up over a few cheap pints, is the definition of a spring day. For others, it is the feeling of being sun kissed surrounded by blooming daffodils in the park that truly defines spring. But for many, we look forward to brighter days and the freshness of spring. There is no doubt that Spring is going to be a season where students can let loose in outdoor spaces, instead of being confined within the four walls of a bar or restaurant,instead you will see us at the beach having a barbecue or having a picnic in the park.

The season itself, is one accompanied by cleanliness as many adopt the mentality: ‘out with the old and in with the new’! From new traditions to reconnecting with old mates, it is no doubt that Spring holds a different meaning for everyone. Here’s to brighter days ahead!

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