Star Wars: The Clone Wars cast set to reunite for Battlefront 2 DLC characters, begins with “the month of Grievous”

James Troughton has a detailed look at Star Wars: Battlefront 2's fine additions to its collection of hero characters.

James Troughton
5th November 2018
Image Credit: IGDB

Ben Walke, community manager for DICE’s Battlefront II, nicknamed October ‘the month of Grievous’ on his Twitter account. This proved to be a controversial term as they only started promoting and discussing the character during the final couple of weeks of the month.

However, Walke did reveal some fantastic news in a community transmission on Reddit, stating that they have got all the voice actors from the animated Clone Wars TV series back for the four characters (Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Grievous and Count Dooku) being added to Battlefront 2.

Matthew Wood, the actor providing the voice for General Grievous, noted the inclusion of  iconic lines such as “Your lightsabers will make a fine addition to my collection” and “this calls for a celebration!”. The playable villain will also be receiving four victory poses which are shown at the end of a match when displaying the top players.

Just as lethal as his criminally underused cinematic counterpart.

General Grievous will have two appearances. His default is ‘Jedi Hunter’ and the purchasable skin is called ‘Battle Damaged’ and will cost 20,000 credits or 500 crystals. Grievous himself will cost 35,000 credits to unlock and will not be available for purchase with crystals due to the drama that surrounded the launch of Battlefront II in which players claimed that the game was pay-to-win, as heroes and villains could be bought with real money via the purchase of crystals.

Grievous’ announcement was accompanied by a screenshot of the character in which he can be seen on the new map coming in November – Geonosis. Here, he fights alongside the droid army, who appear redder in colour to camouflage on the Mars-like planet. With this screenshot came the release date for both the new map and Obi-Wan Kenobi, which is 28 November.

All the voice actors from the animated Clone Wars TV series are back.

Finally, in the community transmission, Walke detailed General Grievous’ abilities which are as follows: Thrust Surge – General Grievous will “focus on a target in front of him” and rush to them “while doing a stab motion with all 4 of his lightsabers”; Claw Rush – he will go “down on all 6 limbs” and rush forward, “damaging and pushing away any enemies in his path”; Unrelenting Advance – he will spin “two lightsabers over his head” and “advance on his enemies,” blocking “any frontal attacks.”

All in all, it sounds as if Grievous’ playable rendition will be just as lethal as his criminally underused cinematic counterpart. But for now we’ll have to wait just a little bit longer to find out just how lethal he really is upon his addition to the game on 30 October.

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