Stocking filler suggestions

Rashida Campbell-Allen gives us some last minute stocking fillers...

Rashida Campbell-Allen
10th December 2018

So, we’ve all been there. There’s a matter of days left until the big day and with shop’s stock running low, budgets dwindling, and ideas have hit a dead is the time for a few fresh ideas (thank me later!).

These ideas are unisex and general, so inspire yourself and good luck!

1) Disposable Camera

As cheesy as it may sound, nothing can buy memories. A disposable camera is such a simple yet thoughtful idea. Often stocking fillers can be just for the novelty, unwrapped and placed to the side never to be used, but a camera will never go to waste.

2) Portable Charger

If you have discovered the wonders of a portable charger yourself, you’ll completely understand why it only seems right to gift a loved one with one for themselves. Charge it up overnight, keep it in your bag for the whole day and you never have to cut your day short or reluctantly head to the library just on the hunt for a plug socket.

3) Tote bag

Yes, everyone can rock them. They’re portable, hold surprisingly a large amount and are durable. Let’s all go into 2019 by doing our bit to save the environment as well. It can act as a shopping bag, a day to day bag for your books and laptop even storage. You can even try and find one with a funny design to make it more personal.

4) Pack of cards

Ever been out in a pub or at a spontaneous pre-drink gathering and stuck for things to do or talk about, or simply want to spice things up. A pack of cards are a saviour. They'll never go to waste and are reasonably cheap.

5) Gift Cards

This is a pretty easy and safe option. Simply choose the person’s favourite shop or brand and purchase a gift card for whatever amount fits your budget. The great thing about gift cards is that they can be used both online and in-store, giving your recipient the flexibility to shop how they want. And they often last at least 1 whole year! Hassle-free. Quick. Perfect.

6) Bath Bombs

Clearly this one won’t be for everyone but treat someone who deserves to relax from the stresses of university revision and essays. Baths are somewhat underrated to be honest, so once someone experiences the joys of a lemon and lavender bath bomb, they will thank you!7

7) Wall Art/Posters

This is an easy way to find something thoughtful and personal but often inexpensive and nobody can resist a funky poster or a piece of colourful art. Find them online, HMV, in a local gallery, random thrift shops...You can’t go wrong with a piece of art to decorate the uni room.

8) A mug

Any student, tea-lover or not, will find a use for a mug! Maybe try and find one of those ones that come with the stir in hot chocolate mixture as who can resist a warm, indulgent hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night? I can’t.

9) Mini bottle of their favourite alcohol/drink

This one is a little cheeky, but a simple tipple of their favourite alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverage will most certainly not go to waste, and it’s a simple way of grabbing something last minute as they can be found almost anywhere.  

10) Face Mask

Similarly, to the bath bomb, this one may be a little more specific, but everyone can discover the joys of a great face mask whilst they chill out over a weekend recovering from a stressful week and saving their skin from the harsh winter conditions. They may vary in price but try your nearest Boots or Superdrug for a seasonal deal.


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