Stress-busting games: Audiosurf

Jess Taylor Weisser shares the relaxing vibes of Audiosurf.

Jess Taylor Weisser
5th November 2018
Image Credit: IDGB

I love high-intensity, high-coordination games – and sometimes I need a game that'll help me to switch off from other games. My usual go-to is Audiosurf.

This rhythm game that takes your music files and turns them into playable levels – in other words, it's an interactive music visualiser, perfect for when you want to listen to something nice and do something with your hands.

After choosing a vehicle, each with a unique, difficult-to-master play mechanic, you'll steer it down an abstract highway, swapping lanes to collect matching colour blocks in time with the music.

It remains my 'anytime' game

It sounds monotonous - surely nothing to spend eight hundred hours playing, right? (I say, squinting at my Steam library.) But as my music library has grown over the past nine years, the appeal of Audiosurf has grown too.

Its pleasantly minimalist visuals and strangely complex combo scoring system has meant the novelty has never worn off – it remains my 'anytime' game, and it'll probably rob me of many more hours of productivity to come.

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