Strike A Pose

In the golden age of Selfies and Instagram, Miranda Stoner explains what your choice of pose says about you, whether you’re a Kylie Jenner or the new Zoolander.

15th February 2016

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any university student in possession of a good camera must be in want of a photo. Therefore we all have a go to camera pose, one that works when you don’t have the front camera to ensure the perfect level of eyebrow elevation or the exactly right degree of head tilt. So which particular posture do you affect when faced with the flash and what exactly does it say about you?

  1. Duck Face

This is a pose for all the aspiring models whose Instagram account is practically identical to the portfolio of Cara Delevigne. It’s a pose that can leave no one in doubt that you are absolutely gorgeous as it accentuates all those qualities you have in common with the likes of Derek Zoolander

2. Raised Glass

This pose should be familiar to those partial to a night out. The friendly gesture shows that you are an approachable and fun-loving person. When the glass in question is full to the brim with prosecco it creates a sense that you are built of sophistication and class, whilst for those whose glass consists of an almost drained pint- make that bucket- of mystery mixture this action quite simply gives the idea that you are very, very drunk- and proud.

3. Side Hug

Whether it’s a best friend, friend, acquaintance, stranger, homeless man this pose gives the ubiquitous effect of showing your popularity and outgoing personality. It can also be adopted by couples to show their eternal love for one another, in a way that no one could ever possibly perceive as smug.

Illustration by Katie Wiseman

Illustration by Katie Wiseman

4. Smile and Peace

This is a gesture reserved exclusively for the cool kids. It shows a sense of love for the world or could alternatively be someone striking an ironic pose.

5. Photobomber

This isn’t a pose so to speak but it can still say a lot about you. There is a vast array of poses you can take as a foreign body in the picture but perhaps the most common is the dive. This can mostly be found around the edges of the frame complete with tongue sticking out. This pose shows a chaotic and humorous person who can’t bear the thought that they could ever be forgotten or left out.

6. Pensive Stare

There are few artistic and philosophical enough to carry off this pose, however when done by a true deep thinking individual this can bring out the inner guru and make you look as if you never finished  your gap year. Gazing into the distance creates a sense of mystery and intrigue about your persona and seems in absolutely no way at all in the slightest bit pretentious.

7. Cheesy Grin

This is always a risk. Not enough teeth and it looks fake, too many teeth and you look like a clown and then there’s the potential danger of getting carried away and developing a double chin! However when this is done correctly it shows someone of a naturally cheerful disposition who is so happy that they have lost all control of their face.

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