Students start up Model UN society

Conferences are held across the UK and include different committees

15th February 2016

A new society, which gives students the opportunity to hone their debate skills in a simulation of the United Nation committees, has started up and is open for sign-ups.

Model United Nations is a simulation of the committees within the United Nations. In these committees, solutions to global issues are proposed and debated in the quest for achieving world peace. Each member in attendance is a delegate representing a country, and does their best to represent their country’s views. Resolutions can often range from rather sensible decisions to some more radical solutions such as swapping the Falklands for Lionel Messi, and the strong alliance between Azerbaijan and Oldham.

The Newcastle MUN society itself is new this year with a membership fee of £5. For that fee a member can come to all the weekly meetings and it is used to subsidise conference fees. These conferences take place all across the UK, with Newcastle sending delegations down to Leeds and up to Edinburgh in the coming months. At these conferences several committees simultaneously operate, each with their own speciality. Here delegates are given the opportunity to flex their debating muscles. MUN is not just reserved for experienced debaters - engaging in these debates provides an opportunity to develop public speaking, debating and writing skills, as well as generating a broader awareness of current affairs.

Model United Nations society President Abhishek Jani told The Courier: “[The society] helps you become a global citizen. In this ever changing world, it’s essential to keep up with all the ups and downs and this society is a platform to help you do that. But like all societies, it needs to be fun as well and that’s where the conferences come in. Annual conferences all over the UK and the world help you meet so many new people and make new friends. I’ve met some of my closest friends due to this and I hope you all get the same opportunity to do that.”

Due to the broad nature of global issues, MUN interests people with a variety of interests. Anyone with a passion for debating, politics, law, international economic and business issues, world health or anything relating to current affairs can find something within MUN that appeals to them. With 50 members joining in the first four months of existence, its growing popularity is indisputable.

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