Switched On: the Nintendo Switch breaks sales record

Em Richardson discusses the Nintendo Switch's record-breaking sales.

Em Richardson
29th October 2020
The Nintendo Switch has been the USA’s best-selling games console for 22 months, beating the Xbox 360’s previous record of 21 months. 

So, what is it that has made the Switch such a runaway success?

When I decided to buy a Switch, I was attracted by its portability. This suited me both because it reminded me of the portable games I had enjoyed as a child on devices such as the DS or Gameboy, and because it meant I could play games without needing a TV or computer monitor. 

Once I’d actually bought a Switch, its ease of use quickly proved to be a clear selling point. Speaking as someone who’d scarcely picked up a game in years before buying a Switch, I found the controls easy to pick up. 

Another of the Switch’s obvious selling points is that it can be plugged into and played on a TV screen, and I was also pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to “switch” (pun intended!) from one mode to another. You can also of course utilise multiple Joy-Cons similar to the Wii controllers and play with family or friends. There is also the cheaper and compact Switch Lite, which has a bigger emphasis on portability and retains a single-player focus, without having to make any other sort of compromise.

I love the fact that I can play my Switch on long car journeys or in bed, but can then plug it into a TV when I want to really focus on a boss fight, or play a multiplayer game. Speaking of gaming with friends, I also find the Switch to be a more “sociable” method of gaming - I love the fact I can take it to a friend’s house when we want to play together. To me, the versatile nature of the Switch is worth the sacrifice in graphics quality needed to play on a less powerful console. Even so, games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild do not have to make this compromise, and look beautiful even on such a small console.

During the recent COVID lockdown, the Switch was sold out across the world. Some have suggested that this is just because people had more free time, but I disagree. I think it has more to do with the fact Nintendo released some great new titles, especially Animal Crossing: New Horizons, around the time quarantine began. Sure, lockdown might have led to a slight increase in sales, but the Switch was always going to appeal to the masses. Its three modes mean that Nintendo has created something truly new and unique.

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