Terrible scenes which (almost) ruined great movies

Tilly Williams outlines which scenes have nearly ruined good movies.

Tilly Williams
11th April 2020
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Every great movie often ends up with a God awful scene sandwiched in somewhere which most audiences try to forget, or laugh at relentlessly and meme (just think of Dumbledore’s scene from the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire).

The first film, is Truth or Dare (2017), I wouldn’t call it great, and neither do audiences on rotten tomato giving it a 22%, but it had enjoyable moments and enjoyable genre tropes. The worst scene in my opinion comes at the very end where they’re attempting to stop the demon forcing them into this dangerous truth or dare game (which goes in a 2 truth 1 dare format), and during the ritual to end the game one of the main characters is forced to choose truth or dare, then opts to choose dare because he doesn’t want one of the other players to have to do a dare, but I just ask, why? They’re doing the ritual to end the entire game? At the end of the ritual? If he had chosen dare the ritual would have gone to plan and stopped the demon, nobody would’ve had to go after him? But alright, I guess sometimes it’s cooler to look like a hero than save you and your friends lives.

The second film is one of my favourites, Baby Driver (2017), with amazing sound design, genuinely interesting characters and astounding acting, one of Edgar Wrights best works and well worth a watch or two. Alas a scene which let the film down for me was during a final fight between Baby (Ansel Elgort) and Buddy (John Hamm), which results in Buddy getting almost completely destroyed, getting shot, car crashes, all sorts which should definitely kill or at the least incapacitate him, but he KEEPS. COMING. BACK. In fact he comes back almost as if he’s the Wolverine, perhaps Baby Driver is a secret instalment to the 'X-Men' franchise?

The next film is Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018), which released just after Marvels infinity war as a lighter instalment, with strong female characters, great visuals and humour. But the film had an insane amount of product placement, namely for Pez, which had an entire segment dedicated to the sweets, which was just jarringly obvious, the same can be said for the amount of Hot Wheels references, which really ruined the action scenes at it turned into a commercial rather than a movie.

The next film is Would You Rather (2012) which again, hasn’t got the best of reviews but personally I loved it, the actors really had fun with it, it’s a cheesy horror film/torture porn with a pretty great ending. The film did however have a lot of God awful scenes, firstly, every time a character was about to die we would get a monologue about their lives for absolutely no reason, the characters also wouldn’t be aware they were going to die so this was just incredibly weird and out of place for them to just stop the film to pretty much tell the audience their backstories while other characters quietly listened, and then no surprise they tragically and unexpectedly died. The best example of this is a man who just decides to share about his gambling problems unprompted, or a man saying he’d been in the army for no real reason, but this was repeated by other characters later just in case you forgot.

Another bad scene is also from this film, but please don’t let me put you off it I honestly found this film a lot of fun and recommend it to any horror fans. The scene is which the villains son who gets one of the escaped victims on her own and presumably attempts to rape her, but he’s luckily stopped by a man from outside the game come to rescue- oh and he’s just been shot, and now the victim is being returned back to the game and the son is sent to his room off camera, out of the film at the halfway point, the villain apologises for his sons behaviour and is coming up with more means of torture. The villain may make you cut your eyeball open but at least he doesn’t condone rape so honestly good for him. I have no idea what the point of any of that set up was but at least it was unexpected?

Lastly The World's End (2013), one of my favorite films from the Cornetto trilogy. The scene in question is the party scene where at this stage the group are fully aware of the robots, but upon seeing 3 sexy robots dressed as school girls decide, just have a quick dance, why not? Makes perfect sense, lets get off with the blue blooded sci-fi horrors. I mean I get that they’re supposed to be drunk, but really? Would you really be willing to dance with them? Actually that said, after 6 or 9 trebs at DnP I think most of us would probably do the same, sexy killer robots? Yes please.

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  1. Honourable mention to 10 Cloverfield Lane. A great film is almost completely scuppered with an unnecessary final minute-long scene before the credits.

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