The 8 Best Christmas Releases of 2017

It's formidably hard to perfect a new Christmas song... here are the artists who have nailed it this year...

Toby Bryant
21st December 2017

Cracking a Christmas song is a challenge that all artists inevitably take on at some point in their careers. Get it right and it can be a huge cash cow for the singers' already loaded bank accounts ahead of their Christmas shopping. Get it wrong and heavy criticism and embarrassment is sure to follow from fans.

Here at The Courier Music, we believe that 2017 has been a surprising success for original Christmas music so we present to you, in no particular order, are some of the best.

1. You Make It Feel Like Christmas - Gwen Stefani feat. Blake Shelton

Former No Doubt singer and popstar in her own right, Gwen Stefani, released her own Christmas album, You Make It Feel Like Christmas this year. The record features a mix of covers and original tracks and is a great effort from Stefani. This title-track and lead single is a duet with partner and country star Blake Shelton, and is a tactile, feel-good song with lyrics such as "sweet gingerbread made with molasses".

2. Everyday is Christmas - Sia

Just as Gwen Stefani has, Sia released her own Christmas album this year, Everyday Is Christmas, which features 10 original songs. It is, perhaps, more hit and miss than Stefani's record but does, nonetheless, contain some gems. 'Everyday Is Christmas' is one of the best, with bells and trumpets making the most of a joyously simplistic chorus.

3. Christmas Eve - Kelly Clarkson

Spotify's 'Spotify Singles' have been an appreciated introduction this year and have unearthed some really enjoyable festive tracks. One of which is 'Christmas Eve' by Kelly Clarkson. In no way does this come close to Clarkson's iconic Wrapped in Red of 2013 but is certainly one to play in the background during Christmas dinner!

4. It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - Noah Cyrus

It's been quite the year for Miley Cyrus' little sister, Noah, and she has capped it off with an astounding cover of 'It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas'. Covers are always risky territory, especially those mastered by the King of Christmas, Michael Bublé, himself. However, Cyrus' country-twang creates a nice twist on the Christmas classic and might, just might, give Bublé a run for his money.

5. Christmas Without You - DNCE

DNCE just seem to spread a funky joy wherever they go and can now do so with a Christmas cheer. Joe Jonas' new band have released the groovy 'Christmas Without You' and is sure to get you dancing, even before the eggnog kicks in!

6. White Christmas - George Ezra

He may not be a man you associate with Christmas time, but George Ezra has the perfect voice for this 'White Christmas' cover, courtesy of Spotify Singles again. It's simple, stripped-back and perfect for calming down after a hectic Christmas day.

7. Perfect Duet - Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé

This may not (technically) count as a Christmas track, but Ed Sheeran has certainly done a good job in branding it as one. The addition of Beyoncé to 'Perfect' is a welcome one and the ballad is certainly doing well in the charts as it challenges for the coveted Christmas number 1.

8. Count on Christmas - Bebe Rexha

This may well be the best of these picks. Up and coming popstar Bebe Rexha lends her vocals to 'Count On Christmas' from A Christmas Story Live!. This has all the hallmarks of a great Christmas song with easy sing-along chants and quirky lyrics such as, "there's another movie marathon on TV, which will it be?".


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