The best foods to scran after a night out

Cheese or curry sauce? This writer delves in the chip debate...

Zahra Hanif
15th May 2023
Image credit - Zahra Hanif
Even before I've left for my night out, there's only one thing on my mind: chips and curry sauce. An unbeaten combination.

When I was a young, naive fresher, the go-to used to be cheesy chips or, God forbid, plain chips. There's an unwavering hype revolving cheesy chips. But for me, particularly given I have lactose intolerance, they're just too heavy. And I've found they WILL accelerate any feelings of nausea I have when I wake up, groggy and dishevelled, the next day. And plain chips? More like plain ignorance. Although, let it be noted that I will accept chips and garlic sauce - as a backup option.

If I've been particularly feral, I'll go bigger, with a whole pizza

If I've been particularly feral, I'll go bigger, with a whole pizza. Again, nothing too heavy - a margherita will do. This is a very rare instance, and it's only happened when I've been obliterated to the point where I can't even remember consuming - nay, inhaling - it, only finding out from my friends filling me in on the end of the night. Or by seeing -£10, when I finally have the courage to check my bank account.

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AUTHOR: Zahra Hanif
English literature student :)

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