The Bridge

The Bridge airs on BBC Four, Saturday at 9

16th November 2015

Scandinavian crime drama, The Bridge, is coming back to the screen for its third season. This time, Saga Norén is alone without her partner, Martin Rohde, after he was imprisoned at the end of last season.

For those of you not familiar with the show, The Bridge is a Danish/Swedish TV series that follows Swedish detective Saga Norén and her Danish counterpart, Martin Rohde solving murder crimes.

Last season, the duo dealt with a group of people who developed a deadly virus, which infected the key speaker of an upcoming EU climate conference with the intention of spreading the virus at the conference.

In the new season, with Martin in prison, Saga is alone and now assigned a new Danish partner, Henrik Saboe (Thure Lindhardt). The first murder case in the series begins when Helle Anker, a Danish citizen who is the founder of the first gender-neutral kindergarten in Copenhagen, found dead in Sweden. Anker, who is a lesbian married to a Swedish woman, is also a high-profile debater on gender issues. The Danish and Swedish police join forces once again to solve the crime. Apparently this case is the first of many murder cases to take place. As Saga investigated these cases, they turn out to intertwine with Saga’s personal life.

Despite Martin’s absence on the show, I’m pretty sure that the show will remain as intriguing as the first two seasons. What I’m looking forward the most to see in the new season is the relationship between Saga and her new partner. Will it be as dynamic as Saga/Martin’s relationship? I really hope so.

The Bridge airs on BBC Four, Saturday at 9.

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