The celebrity icons of the decade

Margarita Ivanova talks fashion of the decade as we near the next and the celebrity looks we can't forget.

Margarita Ivanova
8th December 2019

It seems like only yesterday that we celebrated the beginning of a new decade, and now here we are, on the cusp of 2020, and so much has changed in the world of fashion.

Soon we’ll be greeting 2030, with all the new trends that will come with it, and then 2040, and so on. We will continue to watch as fashion grows, changes and becomes a force to be reckoned with. But before we get carried away by looking into the future, let’s take a few steps back into the past, and reflect on the most iconic (and questionable, may I add) looks of the 2010s. 

Let your mind recall the horror that was her meat dress

It seems only fair that we begin with the most bizarre - and by far one of the most controversial - looks of all time. Think 2010. Now think Lady Gaga. And now, let your mind recall the horror that was her meat dress. Though the singer-songwriter claimed her dress was not a message against animal rights, but rather, according to Billboard, a “statement against the governmental restrictions placed on the rights of gay soldiers." However, I’m not sure it was quite the right move, and while it’s difficult to call this look ‘iconic’, I think we can safely say that it’s certainly one that will not be forgotten any time soon. 

Now let's flash forward to 2014, and talk about Rihanna’s sheer, Swarovski-crystal-adorned dress that she wore to the CFDA Awards. That day, Rihanna proved to the world that she really does shine bright like a diamond - and I wonder if those 230,000 crystals had something to do with it? The famed singer wore the look so well that she complimented the dress, rather than the other way around. But, it’s Rihanna, so I’m not surprised. If we were to go through all of the singer’s iconic looks, she’d easily steal the show. And let’s face it, the entire article would be all about her.

2017. The year where casual ranked with couture

Let us move on to 2017. The year where casual ranked with couture. The year where Zendaya had a stripy pyjama red carpet moment and Rita Ora showed up to the MTV EMAs wearing a bathrobe and a towel wrapped around her hair. I never thought that something so simple could ever look so glamorous, but I was wrong. So, if a bathrobe worn on the red carpet isn’t iconic, then I don’t know what is. 

If a bathrobe worn on the red carpet isn’t iconic, then I don’t know what is

Finally, we return to 2019. This year’s looks have been nothing short of iconic. With Cardi B’s Thierry Mugler Grammy Awards ensemble and the return of Jennifer Lopez’ famous green Versace dress; it’s hard to pick a favourite. But there is one look in particular that I want to talk about: Lizzo at the AMAs.

Miniature handbags have certainly become a hallmark of recent fashion trends

Instagram: @lizzobeeating

It’s not so much the ruffled tangerine-colour gown that caught my attention, as it is the teeny-tiny Valentino bag that she brought as an accessory. Miniature handbags have certainly become a hallmark of recent fashion trends, but this one looks like it was stolen right off the shoulder of a designer Barbie doll. But, it sparked a conversation, and for that, Lizzo makes it onto my list of the most iconic looks of the decade. 

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