The Correspondents - Cobalt Studios Review

Jack Redley and Rosabel Crean review The Correspondents' gig at Cobalt Studios

21st November 2016

On the 29th October, the unreal ‘multi-genre’ electronica band The Correspondents awakened Ouseburn to the sounds and funky dancing of Mr. Bruce and DJ Chucks.

A band not necessarily known this far up north has proven that even in the intimate space of The Cobalt Studios they can create a diverse set of swung beats and eclectic tones. The quirky crowd of locals dancing off Mr. Bruce created a high energy and buzzing atmosphere. They only had an hour set, but they sure made the most of it. Starting with some of their classic hits, ‘Fear and Delight’, ‘What’s Happened to Soho?’ and also, their latest single released in August, ‘Inexplicable’, Mr. Bruce weaned the crowd in to his wavy moves and Chucks’ savage beats. As we learnt in the interview with the two beforehand, they do not define their music as a certain genre, and that was certainly proved tonight. Once the crowd were under Mr. Bruce’s magical hold, Chucks shifted the jazz undertones to a heavier, Drum n Bass style beat. Imitating the likes of Kano to name a recent artist on the Newcastle scene, Mr. Bruce took on an MC role filling each person in the room with a battery powered charge and had the crowd dancing off their feet. Mr. Bruce had an amazing ability to captivate the audience and have them in the palm of his hand.

"With their swung beats and heavy bass tones the duo filled the hour, leaving everyone wanting more"

The crowd attempted to keep up with Mr. Bruce’s dynamite moves as he created all sorts of shapes with his lanky black and white frame, sliding and skating across the stage. It was quite a spectacle; almost like watching a very modern dance routine. The acts preceding The Correspondents were as eccentric or even bordering on just plain bizarre, creating an electric atmosphere. With their swung beats and heavy bass tones the duo filled the hour, leaving everyone wanting more. They gave in to the crowds “One more song, one more song” chants, and played us out with perhaps their best song of the night.

Their latest single ‘Inexplicable’ is out now, and fingers crossed we will be graced with a return of the fantastic pair in the near future.

Jack Redley & Rosabel Crean

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