The Courier: 30 days of music - Day 4

“A song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget” was the theme of today’s song choices.

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8th April 2020
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Day 4 is upon us, and it's taking a darker tone. Today's focus is songs that make us think of someone we'd rather forget. Whether that's an ex, a snakey friend, or a certain office trouble maker, our writers have every option covered with some cracking tunes that hopefully you'll remember.

'Mellow Yellow' - Donovan

I don’t particularly want to forget this person, but there’s just one memory from my time knowing him which I always remember when I hear this song. I used to work in a Garden Centre, which for the most part I loved. However, in the great summer heatwave we were blessed with a couple years back, whilst many people were sipping gin and chilling in their gardens, I was running around lugging big bags of stones and gravel in a greenhouse. On this one day when temperatures were at least 30 degrees, and I was sweating away helping customers, the boss walked past me humming this tune. It might’ve been a mellow day for him, but it was far from it for me….

Tom Moorcroft

'Photograph' - Ed Sheeran

For today's brief- a song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget- I feel like a lot of people might be feeling a little sentimental. At face value, it might seem like I am one of them, having chosen 'Photograph' by Ed Sheeran. However, I'm happy to report that my story should provide some light relief. Picture this: it's a Monday night, and I'm on my third (and worst ever) date with someone. On the previous two dates, this guy had been quite reserved, and a little on the shy side. So, you can imagine my surprise when, on date three, he turned up drunk and greeted me with a passionate kiss. We were in my car at the time so, after extracting myself, I suggested he put on some music. It was then that he boldly announced he liked to sing, and claimed that some people said he sounded like Ed Sheeran. To prove this point, he decided to treat me to a verse of this song. To this day, I can't say I'm certain that he'd ever actually heard the original, judging by his 'unique' cover.

Em Richardson

'Summer Games' - Drake

This song is about an ‘almost’ relationship which ends at the beginning of summer, and as is always the way, I discovered it at a time when I was dealing with the same thing. After being in a long-term “it’s complicated” relationship, it was therapeutic to delve into Drake’s far more bitter and dramatic version. This midtempo heartfelt song sees a somewhat return of 'sad boy' Drake, but it doesn’t make you feel sad at all. It’s got a funky electronic drum beat that runs throughout, which makes it hard not to dance to. Drake also has an ‘IDGAF’ tone to the way he sings, so even if this song reminds you of ‘them’, it’s with an empowered indifference; the concluding synth beat adding to the sense of newfound calm.

Aimee Seddon

'Don't You (Forget About Me)' - Simple Minds

It was a choice between this or “Country Roads” for me to forget about all the Flares boys. In truth though, I don’t really have a song that reminds me of someone I’d rather forget about. The choice boiled down to Don’t You (Forget About Me) by the great Simple Minds. A truly iconic song in its own, it’s also well recognised from the cult ‘80s film the Breakfast Club.

Rebecca Johnson

'First of the Gang to Die' - Morrissey

The person I’d like to forget is Morrissey. If it wasn’t for him and his whiney, gammony ways I could listen to The Smiths and just enjoy Johnny Marr’s wizardry on the guitar. As it is I have to spend ages trying to find a version that won’t indirectly fund the far right, then listen to it uncomfortably as I think about what an arrogant twat Morrissey is. I’ve chosen his song First Of The Gang To Die because let’s face it, everyone who likes The Smiths now hopes that Morrisey is the first of them to die.

Stanley Gilyead

'Be Who You Are'- The Kooks

I had real difficulty picking a song for this day. I don’t really wish to forget anyone, I’ve never (touch wood) had a bad breakup or a friendship gone really sour. Thus, I had to think real hard for this one… Then it dawned on me, in 2017, I attended The Kooks ‘Best Of’ Tour and oh my was the crowd just the worst. Being a real die-hard fan of The Kooks, I was really excited to see them, but it was clear that the majoirty of the crowd that attended only really new naïve and a handful of their more famous tunes. I went there to have the time of my life and dance to every tune, yet the crowd was so still and there was literally no atmosphere unless it was one of their more famous songs. I even went on my friend’s shoulders for a couple, and I have never experienced such hate in my life! The band were great but the crowd totally ruined it!

Isabel Ellis

'Daniel in the Den'- Bastille

A tough one to write about, a song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget, the one I've chosen reminds me of a previous relationship that I'd rather forget. But enough about my weird life. The oldest song on Bastille's first album Bad Blood, actually written whilst Dan Smith was a solo artist. The imagery of the song itself can be related to the biblical story of Daniel in the Lion's den, but the sound and mood of the song tell a tale far more of betrayal and being hurt by those you trust.

Patrick Harland

'Chasing Cars'- Snow Patrol

Ah, the day I didn't want to write about. For me this song will always remind me of a friend I had who now isn't a part of my life anymore. Pity, it's a very well known sad banger and I liked it very much. In a weird way I think 'Chasing Cars' as a song is kind of a perfect metaphor for friendship. The choice between laying there and forgetting the world with a friend that you care about or not. Whether you like it or not there are some people who will lie with you for a lifetime and some who might get up and leave after a while. It's up to you to cherish the people who lie with you for eternity and not to dwell on the people who walk away.

Dominic Lee

'Wetsuit'- The Vaccines

This song is less about someone I'd like to forget, but rather something- the traumatic experience that was YNOT 2017. From the moment I arrived at this festival it turned into monsoon season, which wasn't helped when my tent broke upon arrival, and by the end of the 3 days the only viable way of reaching our flooded, broken campsite was by canoe. The Vaccines were supposed to headline on the Saturday night, but the torrential rain saw them cancel at the last minute, giving the lyric 'put your wetsuit on' a whole new meaning. Eventually the Sunday was cancelled too, and I made the trip home in the back of a van, being thrown about from side to side the entire way and thinking that life probably couldn't get much worse. Although I still like this song, there is still a small part of me that resents The Vaccines, and sometimes I can't help but shudder when I think about how badly this weekend went.

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