The Great Christmas Job Hunt!

Lifestyle editor Victoria Young talks through all things about the great Christmas job hunt.

20th November 2017
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So, Christmas is coming up and the bank balance is getting low. As you indulge in Christmas treats, and splash out on friends and family, you may be thinking the dreaded "man, I need a job!"

But you're in luck! Whilst Christmas is a time of holiday spending, it's also the greatest season for temporary jobs.

Where to find them

There are a number of ways to get clued up on what jobs are out there and how to get your hand on the positions: has a list of all the temporary jobs and vacancies in retail and is the UK's number one job site for temporary jobs. You can search for jobs based on area, wage and shifts, and when you find one that fits the bill, simply apply online. is a particularly good website for students and offers the best student and temporary jobs with the understanding that applicants are still in full time education. Deliveroo, Cath Kidston and Primark are just a few companies that are currently using this site to reach out to student part timers for seasonal positions.

If you're not a fan of job searching websites, you could always take the more primitive approach and distribute your CV across all your favourite retailers. Go to the job centre, speak to customer service desks, get a friend to speak to their colleagues or drop curriculum vitaes in every nook and cranny... but don't give up too easily.

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How to be interview prepared

Make sure your CV is up to date and paints an accurate picture of your abilities and experience (the worst thing you can do is make up something, only to be asked on the day to elaborate on your "gold Olympic medal in type writing").

Also, be sure to have some good references and referees who will show you as a good and desirable addition to the company. Take your qualifications, tell them what you can offer to their company over the busy Christmas period and be sure to tell them why you have specifically chosen to apply to them.

Relax, stay calm, be polite and dress well. If you don't make this interview, move on and try the next one.

What to consider

When applying for a Christmas temporary job, you mustn't forget that this is probably one of the busiest times of the year. Not only do you have your usual social life and University studies but you'll most likely be bombarded with winter deadlines and assessments and be overcome with an abundance of Christmas shopping and organisation.

Ask yourself "Can I really afford to take on a job in addition to all of this? And if so, can I still do it to the best of my ability?"

As the seasonal job search begins, may I wish you the very best.

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