The hair clip trend is here to stay

Beauty editor Nimra Rafique discusses why hair clips are the hottest trend of all right now...

Nimra Rafique
25th February 2019

Old trends are coming back into play all the time. From fashion to makeup, trends from the past always seem to make their way back into the spotlight. 2019 has already began with many “old” but great beauty trends, one being hair clips.

Hair accessories haven’t really made headlines in a while, as headbands and hair clips could seem too childlike and immature, but this recent comeback has proven that hair clips can look totally cool, chic and sophisticated.

Personally, I think hair accessories have always been a fun and cool way of adding something interesting and different to your style since the days of Gossip Girl, when Blair Waldorf made hair accessories her own signature look. Of course, Blair was known for her chic sense of style and sophisticated fashion, using headbands as a way to amp up her look, and I think the recent hair clip trend allows people to give their look something different and exciting in a more modern way.

Hair clips can be used in numerous different ways and can be incorporated to many different hairstyles, both long and short hair, or whether you wear your hair up or down. This trend is very versatile and can be adapted to your own personal style. That’s the best part, I think, that this isn’t a trend that has to be followed in a particular manner, or has restrictions, it’s more about experimenting with different looks and just being creative with your hair. Sometimes you just want to change up your hair without going to the extremes of getting a totally different haircut or colour, and with hair clips you can do this. It’s just a quick, easy, and fun way of changing up your look by simply using clips to style and accessories your hair.

I’ve noticed many influencers jumping on the bandwagon and embracing the hair clip trend. A popular way of styling hairclips among these influencers is by wearing them only on one side of their head, usually layering a few clips together, which I found I really liked. You’d think it would look a bit too much, but from what I’ve seen scrolling through my Instagram feed, this way of styling the hair clips looks amazing. It’s a bold, daring look, yet it’s still super wearable and anyone can pull it off, for sure. It makes these influencers look chic and sophisticated, like they’ve spent hours perfecting their hair, when in reality they’ve just done basic hairstyles and added the hair clips, turning a boring hairstyle into something much more fashion forward and exciting. It’s like adding glitter to a dull makeup look, it really ties the whole look together and gives it life.

Some influencers who’s hair clip looks have caught my eye are:

Jamie Genevieve

This rising-star beauty YouTuber is always rocking the latest trend and this one in no exception. Jamie doesn’t shy away when it comes to accessorizing and this goes for her hair too. In one Instagram selfie she has stacked simple silver crystal hair clips to one side of her head, give a very classic, sleek, yet very edgy vibe.

Brittany Xavier

A blogger and influencer who is always on the ball with new trends is Brittany who has flaunted many different looks using hair clips on her Instagram page. The looks that really caught my attention where the sleeked back, low ponytail with large statement hair clips. One look is cute and feminine with a pearl Chanel hairclip whilst the other is more edgy with a paperclip-style Dior hair clip.

This just shows how hair clips can really change up your style and be versatile.

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