The Lego Batman Movie (U)

Batman is back, man, and this time, he's, uh, brickier - Zoë Godden went to see if the caped crusader's transfer to cartoon-form is the best he's been in a while.

Zoë Godden
20th February 2017

Seeing the World’s Greatest Detective beatbox isn’t something most comic fans tend to envisage. Yet somehow, The Lego Batman Movie does this and not only makes it funny, but perhaps even one of the best portrayals of the character in years.

A pseudo-successor to 2014’s hit based on the true enemy of all bare feet, Lego Batman follows Bruce Wayne in his brooding caped quests in protecting Gotham City. Much like in The Lego Movie, this Batman is childish and a show-off, always seeking validation from the citizens he protects. It should be annoying, but instead acts as a foil to the oversaturation of dark adult variations of the character audiences have grown numb to.

Lego Batman differs to its plastic predecessor in that it rarely references its titular toy brand. Instead, we’re treated with Easter eggs and cameos galore pertaining to the Batman mythos, from the comic books to the cartoons and more. The writers are evidently huge fans of the character and this knowledge makes up the majority of the film’s best humour, with jokes literally covering decades of Batman portrayals.

"Lego Batman builds an ideal foundation for children’s superhero films to come"

Don’t worry if your superhero bookshelf is bare; jokes come at you so fast that if you don’t get one reference, you’re bound to burst into hysterics at the next. The opening ten minutes alone left the screening I attended cackling like we’d been Joker-gassed. Though this humour is appreciated, the majority of gags will fly over younger viewers’ heads, ironically forgetting about the film’s target audience. Thankfully they’ll be entertained by the stunningly hyperactive animation, and upbeat pop songs that “make studio executives less nervous.” Pair these with a moral on the importance of kinship, and Lego Batman builds an ideal foundation for children’s superhero films to come.

Outrageously funny with an original plot and stellar voice talent, The Lego Batman Movie revitalises the Nolanverse norm through its fourth-wall building block genius.

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Rating: 8/10

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