The top 3 youtubers making videos right now

Sophie Hicks presents her list

Sophie Hicks
6th November 2018
credit: youtube


Sophie Hicks gives her top three YouTubers: 

3. Safiya Nygaard

I think a great YouTuber is Safiya Nygaard. Even if you haven’t seen one of her videos, you have probably seen other people’s videos inspired by her content. She quickly gained subscribers after leaving Buzzfeed and making her own channel. Nygaard does a lot of different videos, but her most popular seem to be bizarre videos, such as ‘Melting Every Lipstick from Sephora Together’. A lot of her content is beauty and fashion related, in particular dressing from a different decade for a week or trying questionable fashion items. No matter what the videos may be about, they are all extremely entertaining.

2. Simplynailogical

Whilst Simplynailogical became internet famous by doing the '100+ Coats of Nail Polish' videos, starting the trend of 100 layer challenges, I would argue that this was not her weirdest video. It’s become a running joke on her channel that she barely does nail tutorials anymore because her videos have just become weirder and weirder. What once started off as nail tutorials became a channel filled with painting a car with nail polish, testing 20 banana life hacks and becoming a “human sock” for a day… and honestly, they’re all hilarious.

1. Ashens

Another channel that is slightly smaller compared to these huge channels is Stuart Ashen, also known as Ashens. You may look at his channel and be very confused by the content, but just trust me and watch. I think he’s probably most known for trying disgusting food, ranging from tasting a whole chicken in a can to 180-year-old olives. Whilst these videos are great, he also does Poundland videos where he reviews the junk that they seasonally sell, and even does videos about old gaming consoles and reviews subscription boxes. It’s a mismatch of content but all of it is truly entertaining.


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AUTHOR: Sophie Hicks
Former TV Sub-Editor for The Courier and BA Media Communication and Cultural Studies graduate

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