Top trends this autumn and winter

Shamara Mohsin looks at some of the imminent trends for this autumn and winter.

Shamara Mohsin
10th October 2019
@bibons on Unsplash

As we say goodbye to the summer sun and welcome the frosty northern weather we also say goodbye to some dreadful trends and hello to some new,  arguably just as terrible, new ones. Despite this, with careful consideration, we've compiled a list of the those that are actually rather fashionable and you should definitely be paying attention to!

Oversized Bags

Did you hear oversized bags are in? Alas lumping your ridiculously large shoulder bag to fit your precious computer and notebooks to and from class is now stylish.  While this seems like a far cry from the ever-shrinking bag trend of previous years as bum bags decorated our socials- you can't deny any trend that allows you to utilise your wardrobe is a plus, and as students, big bags are practically a standard in your home already.

'any trend that allows you to utilise your wardrobe is a plus'

Ankle Hem Lines

Another trend that’s notoriously opposite of its previous year's counterpart is the dropping hemline. From once we skirted down the street holding our hands to our backs and our purses to our fronts to prevent the inevitable gust of autumn wind that lifted our itty-bitty skirts to flash passers-by now is no more- or so they claim. Ankle hems have been on the rise as many options for more, shall we say- smarter autumn attire, in clothes that cover-up. As students, the trend of low hems are ideal to fight that frigid cold taking the north but are not as versatile to convert that day dress to night. You win some you lose some.


Can you have too much floral? Apparently not this season as many Fashion Week displayed bountiful amounts of the flowery fabric. While the pattern may appear synonymous with the gloriously warm summer months feeling already so far out of reach, it appears unlike the flowers falling from the trees floral isn't going anywhere. However you feel about them, floral is becoming more and more a style akin to everyone’s taste and less feminine than once thought of, so why not rock the look this season with a pair of warm thermal boots and your now necessary oversized bag.

'floral is becoming more and more a style akin to everyone’s taste'


Blazers have unapologetically littered the feeds of influencers everywhere lately as they don the business casual get up to escape the chill. What may be the best part of a blazer is its flexibility in fitting into every possible look, making them perfect for nearly every occasion. There’s no specific colour or style ruling the scene this season so this one's all on you, go wild and have fun with it, and if your really daring add a pair of shoulder pads because apparently a bit of height on your arms is still a very real trend.


Neutrals were also a staple at this year's Fashion Week with many choosing to strip it all back to a simplistic colourful scheme of varied beige. While it may appear rather dull on the first inspection, beige is a  perfect palette for this seasons backdrop, allowing for creativity when styling because of its ease to wear. So maybe beige is best for those who don’t want to try too hard on those drab Monday mornings.

While I didn’t have a chance to cover the rising interest in capes, or the odd fascination with leather on leather this year, what I’d like you to take away from this is that trends are continuing to defy there seasons. No more are they exclusive to winter or summer as they blur the boundaries of what’s considered right or wrong. But just like a Geordie on a night out, remember to wear what you want, trends are awesome but if you want to wear your yellow mini skirt in December, go for it, I imagine people will be more concerned with your health than your fashion sense.

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