The Wired Urban Decay collection

Lifestyle editor Nimra Rafique spills the latest makeup gossip with Urban Decay's new 'Wired' collection

Nimra Rafique
21st February 2020
Source: Instagram/ urbandecaycosmetics
Whether it’s fashion or beauty, we always seem to look back to the past for inspiration and this year is no acception. In fact, despite it only being February, the big 2020 trends are all about that vintage, nostalgic vibe.

From the Brigitte Bardot curtain fringe, to the increased craze of blusher, it’s clear that past trends always have a way of rising again. Although the natural makeup look is a favourite in recent days, there’s no doubt that colour will never go out of style, and Urban Decay’s new limited edition Wired collection is giving us all those retro, 80s vibes we love.

When thinking about Urban Decay the first thing that comes to mind are their popular Naked eyeshadow palettes, known particularly for their array of neutral, warm tones. On the other hand, Urban Decay also has a collection of colourful and bold products, from their much loved Heavy Metal glitter to their dazzling Moondust Palette. Their new limited edition Wired collection, however, takes it that step further, as it boasts vibrant electric neon colours. The collection includes the Wired Palette consisting of 10 bright pressed pigments, 4 Wired 24/7 Eye Pencils, 5 Wired Vice Lip Chemistry glossy lip tints, and 5 Wired Transforming Liner.

On one hand, bright, bold colours can add a fun and exciting twist to your makeup look. Even using just one vibrant colour can take your look to the next level and make it look like a lot of thought went into your makeup. On the other hand however, such daring colours are not always wearable and can be difficult to create a look with. You don’t want to spend a steep £39 on an eyeshadow palette just for it to sit at the back of your draw, untouched.

So, in my opinion, the Wired collection by Urban Decay might give you an instant buzz, with all the festival looks sparking your creative brain, but in reality you’ll probably only use these products once and never touch them again. But hey, this is coming from someone who wears the same one brown eyeshadow all the time. So each to their own.

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