Toon Trolley Talks with Casey Lowry

Joe Smith and Dom Lee discuss new music and life on tour in an interview with Casey Lowry.

Joe Smith
14th October 2019
Dom, Joe and Casey. By Dominic Lee
In the midst of a busy headline tour, Sheffield’s Casey Lowry was able to sit down and chat with myself and my fellow music editor Dom about EP’s, the new ways to make it in music and life on the road, all whilst sitting in a Morrison's trolley in the middle of Digi’s main room.

 You’ve been on tour for quite a while, how's that going?

I have, its why my brains so frazzled to be honest with you. I’ve been on tour for the past three weeks or something, but the issue is, it’s not just three weeks, it were festivals before that and I was on another tour before that. It’s becoming a lifestyle and it’s a proper good one!

You’ve had a busy year so far then! Do you have much planned for the rest of 2019?
So I’ve got the tour I’m on now for another two weeks, and then, this is a classic mate,  just found out I’m going on tour with Conor Maynard, get in! I had no idea how big he is. I checked him out on Spotify before and he’s like 400th in the world and he started from YouTube!

What do you think about people starting out from YouTube and other similar platforms?
I don’t hate it mate,  if you’re making a career doing what you want to do then good for you! If YouTube is that platform that helps you get into music, then go for it! YouTube's not the biggest thing at the minute though, its TikTok! It sounds stupid but all the labels are trying to get their artists to go on TikTok now. I tried it for a day and I just didn’t get it, it was like a very bad vine!


"This new stuff is very mature. I did it with a guy called Jim Abyss and he’s the guy who did the first Arctic Monkeys album and the first two Adele albums."


What’s next release wise?
I’ve got an EP coming out, I think its my best stuff yet. It’s very mature comparatively to what I’ve done before. As much as I love the songs I’ve released before, I wrote them when I was a lot younger and they aren’t what I establish myself to be now. This new stuff is very mature. I did it with a guy called Jim Abyss and he’s the guy who did the first Arctic Monkeys album and the first two Adele albums.

Did you find producing this EP different to producing your music in the past?
100%. It depends who you work with as well. I used to make tracks in my basement, but for this EP, going into a big studio with a big producer it was mad. The fact that you have to stay in the studio for a long time changes it. If you’re doing a single you can just crack it out in a day. With an EP you must spend time with someone, you have to build that relationship and it all has to sound sonically similar and established.

Do you have a particular venue that’s really stuck with you?

One that stuck with me emotionally was the Bataclan in Paris. I played there on a support tour and I walked in it was really eerie, it’s hard to explain it, but I walked in and I was genuinely upset because being from England you hear about it on the news, but you don’t see it we don’t experience it yourselves. On stage I mentioned the event and I said, ‘Don’t let a tragedy like this ever happen again’. You could tell the crowd felt it and resonated with it and it was just amazing, the best show I’ve ever played.

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