Top 5 films that need to be watched in a cinema

Gaming Editor James Troughton lets us in on his top 5 films that you need to see in theatres!

James Troughton
11th February 2020

The medium of film is one of poetry, action, entertainment, and provocation and has long been about the big-screen experience, unparalleled by the smaller television monitors or the even smaller mobile phones.

Some movies make the leap quite naturally, but others require that in-depth immersion and theatre experience to be truly appreciated, whether its due to the booming audio (or lack of it), the shutting off from the outside world or simply having a much bigger screen to appreciate the visuals and grandeur of the concepts presented. With that in mind, here are five films that need to be seen in theatres.

5. A Quiet Place

If you missed A Quiet Place in cinemas, 2020 is the year to remedy such a fateful mistake, as the sequel is set to debut. Whether it's a warranted successor is up for debate, but there's no doubt that the experience of the original was more than worth the trip to the theatre.

Where other films are rich with sound and music, A Quiet Place reveled in its lack thereof. With a distinct and overwhelmingly suffocating silence due to the monsters who hunt based on hearing, everyone in their seats is in a similar boat, holding their breath, anticipating the next attack, just as the survivors are.

4. Arrival

Arrival is a spin on the typical alien invasion story, with gigantic void-like ships appearing out of the blue, landing across the Earth, seemingly not hostile in their intentions. The military is riled, but the emphasis of the story is on the connection between humankind and the unknown through the deciphering of language.

It can be watched on a smaller monitor at home, but that level of immersion is absolutely required and the theatre is the best way to achieve it. The twists and turns and constant unfolding of new elements to the narrative make it a film that requires focus and the absolute scope of the alien presence can only be truly appreciated on a big cinema screen.

3. 1917

1917 is a war film that is made to look like one seamless shot which is a stellar design that is far more than just a gimmick as many claim. Cuts alleviate tension and give viewers breathing room and by eliminating that aspect entirely, the unease and anxiety of the first World War is brought to life spectacularly.

Like any war film, 1917 is best seen in cinemas, but that one-shot twist makes it even more of a necessity. Unbreaking focus and immersion are required which is incredibly difficult to do in the comfort of your own home unless you have some inhumane dedication.

2. Cloverfield

Cloverfield, or at least the original, was a found-footage horror that presented a traditional monster film through the literal lense of a survivor. With a great cast and a unique twist came a horrifying ride through a collapsing NYC under siege by a foreign entity. It tops most monster movies and found-footage films in one fell swoop.

Again, the grandeur of the unfolding chaos is best seen with a big screen that has the meat behind its speakers to pack a punch that compliments the sound design. The tension that can be experienced in a pitch-black room is also unparalleled.

1. War For The Planet Of The Apes

Two Matt Reeves films on a singular list but it's earned without question (and just a side-note, who isn't excited for his next film, The Batman or, for that matter, any of his future pictures?). He's one of the best upcoming directors in recent years and War For The Planet Of The Apes was a pivotal moment for his filmography.

It solidified the trilogy as one of the best out there, if not the best. The action, the emotion, and the visuals are all stunning and the sound design is phenomenal. The world is unlike our own and yet it is strangely familiar and not seeing this on the big screen would've been a true regret.

That's my list for the top 5 films that you need to see in theatres. What do you think? What would your list look like? Let us know in the comments below!

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