Track Review: Andrew Cushin - ‘Where's My Family Gone’

Finlay Holden reviews local singer-songwriter Andrew Cushin's third single release, produced by Britpop superstar Noel Gallagher.

Finlay Holden
16th October 2020
Local singer-songwriter Andrew Cushin is quickly making waves in the music scene, and it’s easy to see why - with a phenomenal natural singing voice, the 20-year-old from Heaton has already been signed to Virgin Records with only 2 songs under his belt.

Following ‘It’s Gonna Get Better’ and ‘Waiting For The Rain’, Andrew’s third single, ‘Where’s My Family Gone’, dropped this morning and boasts some more experienced talent. After being impressed by one of his demos, Britpop superstar Noel Gallagher himself took a liking to the young geordie; so much so that he has now produced Andrews new release, and even provides background vocals and guitar for the track.

This tune is in a similar vein to the last two, in that it utilises acoustic elements as a backdrop to highlight the power of the vocal performance, but goes a step further; the pace is increased with a funky bassline and fast-moving drum fills that elevate the soundscape beyond previous releases. The odd low-key guitar solo certainly helps build this environment too, providing a wind-down groove after a roaring chorus.

It’s very easy to draw comparisons - “he’s like Noel Gallagher back in ‘95”, or “he’s the new Sam Fender” - but it is important to recognise the unique talent here and not mislabel it as anything else other than Andrew Cushin. With such a big name attached, it’s pleasing to see that the backing performance is subtle and doesn’t overshadow the newcomer at all, just provides additional ambience.

Andrew seems destined for huge things - if you don’t consider what he’s managed to do already to be significant, future successes are sure to build upon these current achievements. With the backing of a major star and a major record label, this boy from Heaton is sure to go much further than just Newcastle.

Listen to Andrew Cushin on Spotify, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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