Track Review: Charli XCX ft. Lizzo- Blame It On Your Love

If a whole Lizzo album wasn't enough- it definitely isn't- Music Editor Charlotte Boulton takes a look at her new single with Charli_XCX,

Charlotte Boulton
30th May 2019
Image- Instagram- @charli_xcx

If an entire album of Lizzo isn’t enough, you’re in luck! Charli XCX and Lizzo have teamed up to save pop music with new single ‘Blame It On Your Love’.

Released on the 15th May after some teasing from the pair, with Charli tweeting “IMAGINE IF I MADE A SONG LIZZO AKA QUEEN OF EVERYTHING”. Naturally, fans rejoiced, and the song doesn’t disappoint. Charli takes the lead, which is fair since it’s been a hot minute since her huge collaboration with Troye Sivan on ‘1999’. The song is fun, with a great beat perfect for parties warming up before heading to Powerhouse. Even though the chorus is pretty much just repeating the song title, it’s so catchy it doesn’t even matter.

With the addition of Lizzo's verse and a bit of music tech magic, this reworking of Charli's "Track 10" is exactly how this song should have been released- whcih always seemed like a weird final track of Pop 2.

Lizzo appears in the second half of the song, injecting a whole new level of upbeat enjoyment with her short rap feature. Her lyrics “I’m trying to catch millions, I ain’t trying to catch feelings, BITCH”needs to be engraved on my soul as a reminder to be as bad a bitch as Lizzo.

“I’m trying to catch millions, I ain’t trying to catch feelings, BITCH”needs to be engraved on my soul!

And can we just appreciate the single cover artwork? Two unbelievably powerful influences on modern music, with their faces seemingly millimeters away, the power is astonishing.

It’s a fun pop song by two impressive women - what more could you ask for?

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