Travelling in a big group? Here is how you should do it.

If three is a crowd, what makes ten?

Scarlett Rowland
26th November 2018
Image: Duy Pham

If you’re planning on doing a big trip this summer, it’s probably good to start thinking about it now. There’s so much to organise: locations, how long, and then it comes down to who.

Probably the best thing about travelling in a large group is that you never have to be worried about doing anything alone. If it’s just two or three of you, it can get pretty tense trying to decide what to when you all want to do different things. This is a little less of an issue if it’s a longer trip with a few people – then you’ll all be able to get to do what you want. But if you’re planning on staying at a couple of places for a shorter amount of time, it can get a little tricky. With a larger group, you can all pair up over the day travelling around separately, then getting back together in the evening over drinks.

Travelling in smaller groups counteracts one of the biggest problems – and that’s getting annoyed with your fellow travellers. On a long trip, remembering to give yourself a second before you snap back at someone and giving other people space is going to get you a long way. In smaller travelling groups, you’re less likely to have the opportunity to get out of each other’s hair – you can’t ever escape that one person that’s really getting to you. With this sort of arrangement, more likely than not, you’ll be able to hang out with different people every day.

If you are going to separate into smaller groups, it can also be frustrating to keep in touch with each other. Best chance? While we’re still in the EU, take advantage of your service provider’s Roam like Home deal and download WhatsApp. Keep in contact like that and hope that the one friend that’s always a liability at home, doesn’t stay like that abroad.

The biggest issue comes down to organising yourselves into hostels. With groups over five or six, there’s a real possibility that you might not all squeeze into a hotel when booking a couple days before you land in your destination. The best way to avoid this problem is by all getting together before you travel and planning out where you’re going to stay. Although booking in advance might make the trip a bit less spontaneous, it can make it a bit easier and definitely will make it a hell of a lot cheaper.

At the end of the day, you’ve got to travel in a way that’s best for you. If you’re planning a shorter trip, you’ll probably do fine with just a couple fab friends, or even if you’re feeling brave go for it alone!


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