Treat your mum in Newcastle this Mother's Day

Joe Molander shares his run down of the perfect spots for bonding time with your mum this Mother's Day

Joe Molander
12th March 2020
Image: Silviarita on Pixabay
Let it never be said the Courier doesn’t benefit the community. This is your official public service announcement that Mother’s Day is on Sunday 22 March, and you’ve forgotten again.

It’s very likely that this article will gain more and more traffic up to – and, depressingly, including – the day. To avoid being written out of the will, then, here are the best places to take your mum to celebrate everything she’s done for you.

A good place for food is always Quilliam’s, or as it’s now known, the Teahouse. I have very fond memories of seeing all sorts of people – friends, dates and family – there. The menu is delicious, and – more to the point – cheap, but – even more to the point – not so cheap that your mum thinks she made a mistake raising you. There’s also plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, and an atmosphere that manages to balance being classy against being hipster. Students and parents alike feel catered to, and everyone’s happy.

If you’re more in the mood for eating amidst culture, there’s the Tyneside Cinema. Everyone’s walked past the café attached to the three-screen indie favourite, but fewer people know about the café upstairs. Surrounded by vintage film posters and people enjoying each other’s company, there’s a relaxed atmosphere that helps facilitate a proper catch-up. Similarly culturally-minded spots include the bar at Northern Stage; if you’re near that area, The Grand also sells a mean vegan sausage roll and soup of the day.

There’re also more expensive places to go. Miller & Carter is the natural go-to, but there’s also a lesser known Italian restaurant off Grey Street called Pani’s Café. As a vegetarian (I know, I know, but I’m a left-wing politics students: it’s a requirement), it can be difficult to find places that cater properly to dietary (or, in my case, attention seeking) needs. Pani’s ticks this particular box, with a range of offerings, including pastas and soups.

It might be that your mum has accepted Newcastle’s status as a drinking city, and wants to try it out for herself. For that, you’ll never run out of options. Highlights are The Hancock – whose lovely menu lends it a certain versatility – and – if she’s content to be around mostly students – the Holy Hobo.

Wherever you go – and brace yourself, because this is the sappy bit – what matters the most is you make time for her. The pictures you drew your mum when you were five were terrible, but she cherished them. Well, she said she did. What she actually did was say she was going to cherish them, give them a week’s limelight on the fridge, and then throw them away. The point is that she appreciated them, at least for a bit. It’s a cliché, but some things get to be clichéd because people say they say them a lot, because they’re true. Ready? Here it comes: it’s the thought that counts. As long as you don’t take her to Swans, you’ll be in her good books for another year.

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AUTHOR: Joe Molander
Head of Current Affairs and co-founder of The Toon Lampoon. Politics, interviews, satire and the Courier's leading authority on frosted tips. @JoeMolander on Twitter and full portfolio available on Muckrack.

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