TV characters we wish were our BFFs

Sometimes the bonds we make on screen are so strong, we wish we could befriend the characters in real life

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22nd June 2020
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It's fair to say we aren't getting much face-to-face social interaction at the moment, so our writers and editors complied a list of characters we wish could be our friends.

Philip J. Fry (not II), Futurama

Credit: IMDb

Okay, this one might be a slightly odd choice since I had the entire world of TV to choose, but hear me out. I feel like Fry and I would get along very well because he is from the 90s, so I think our horrible music taste together would be incredible. I'd definitely join him in dancing to 'The Hustle'. Plus, I'd want to experience all the things the year 3000 has to offer, so we could both be confused together. Sure, he may not be the brightest star in space, but our combined chaotic energy would be unmatched. Plus, I think he'd be good competition in Mario Kart.

Who else would go out when Robot Santa is ready for a murder spree to get 500 lizards or a parrot?

Okay but apart from those reasons, Fry's a pretty good friend to have. He is undoubtedly loyal, and will put his life at risk many, many times for his friends. Who else would go out when Robot Santa is ready for a murder spree to get 500 lizards or a parrot so someone doesn't feel as lonely at Christmas? What an icon. Ultimately, I think if Fry was my friend we would get along well, which I'm not sure is a compliment to myself.

Sophie Hicks

Jessica Day, New Girl

Credit: IMDb

If, like me, you have spent far too much time in lockdown rewatching all of New Girl (everybody say thank you Netflix) – you might be spending the whole damn day singing the theme song and especially that bit at the end; ‘It’s Jess’ (why oh why did they ever change it). But just think. If you were best friends with the one and only Jessica Day then you would probably have a theme song too!

Jess would be the kind of mate to sit and watch Dirty Dancing with you

And she’d probably introduce you to the whole gang and you’d all play true American. If you went through a bad break-up? Jess would be the kind of mate to sit and watch Dirty Dancing with you as often as you wanted, whilst annoying the hell out of Nick by belting ‘I’ve Had The Time of My Life’ over and over again.

Credit: IMDb

Jake Peralta, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake Peralta also seems like an obvious choice but isn’t he just cool? You’d have so many inside jokes with him and Amy, but Boyle would probably be there too (we all know how easily he gets jealous). And you could pretty easily get wrapped up in a Halloween heist, and honestly I kind of want to team up with Amy and beat Jake at his own game… yeah if you couldn’t tell from this, the crossover episode of Brookyln Nine Nine and New Girl is my favourite. Enough said.

Harriet Metcalfe

Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation

Credit: NBC, IMDb

When it comes to one TV character I’d love to be friends with, there’s one that automatically pops into my head – Leslie Knope. The leading character of charming sitcom Parks and Recreation, Leslie is ambitious and career-driven, and never backs down when it comes to defending her hometown as a member of the council. Whilst this is admirable in itself, it’s Leslie’s positivity and her loyalty to her friends that really stands out to me.

Leslie devotes a day celebrating female friendship and empowerment known as "Galentines Day"

Although she is like this with all of her co-workers within the Parks and Rec department, her friendship with Ann is one of the highlights of the series. Rather than women hating on women, Leslie always builds Ann up with her optimism and never-ending stream of compliments. She even devotes a day celebrating female friendship and empowerment known as “Galentines Day”, gathering her friends including Ann, April and Donna as they enjoy their own version of Valentine’s Day. With Leslie, you can go to formal charity events (that she organised) or just hang out at the local diner eating waffles. As someone who could befriend the likes of Ron Swanson, even if this was through perseverance, there’s no doubt Leslie would make a great friend.

Kate Dunkerton

Abbi and Ilana, Broad City

So much has been written on the friendship at the heart of Broad City – and for good reason. Abbi and Ilana, two mid-twenties best friends living in New York, spend their lives conducting erratic money-making schemes, oversharing about their personal hygiene, and generally messing around being the funniest duo on TV. And boy do I want to join in.

I want to aimlessly ride the subway with them; buy clothes to wear for one night and then return them; get drunk in said clothes at pretentious rich people parties trying to con our way into as many free cheese-based snacks as possible. As a unit they come across as the perfect mix of the night-out dancefloor friend, and the one who brings you a cup of water the morning after.

Instead of their sweet and undying closeness making you jealous, it does the opposite

Credit: IMDb

The honest truth is that there is no room or indeed need, even in some fantasy world where I am the coolest girl in New York, for a third wheel in Abbi and Ilana’s friendship. They are complete, if problematically co-dependent, as a (very) gruesome twosome. But instead of their sweet and undying closeness making you jealous, it does the opposite – it makes you grateful (and in dire need of a hug from) the best friends in your life who stay unmuted on video call while you wee, or the ones who you send very zealous typo-ridden I LOVE YOU texts walking home at 3am.

One of the best episodes of the show is Abbi and Ilana’s ‘origin story’ in Sliding Doors, showing them go through a hundred different versions of one day all ending the same, with the pair meeting and instantly becoming inseparable. Their love for each other is fateful. Broad City makes you hopeful and grateful for the soulmates you have, and those you are yet to find.

Leonie Bellini

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