TV Time Travel: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Amy Brown takes us back...

Amy K Brown
24th October 2018
Credit: Youtube


There are always certain TV shows that you go back to. When new shows disappoint, you always revisit an old favourite that draws you back in from the first episode. One of my obvious choices was always Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It is the perfect blend of TV genres, covering horror, thriller, romance and comedy.

We have a teenager named Buffy, portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar, who is predestined to become the ‘slayer’ and tasked with stopping all evil. This includes but is not limited to: vampires; demons; ghosts; human-like monsters; animal-like monsters; and even robots. Basically anything the dark side of your imagination can conjure up, Buffy has probably faced. It will surface fears you didn’t know you had. Look out for season four, episode ten entitled ‘Hush’. No spoilers but that episode manages to be terrifying and hilarious all at the same time.

The key appeal to this show is the characters and the storytelling. The quality of the dialogue and of some episodes can be questioned but the inevitable cringe is endearing and nostalgic. You can look past the flaws because the stories lure you in from the very beginning.

Buffy shares the screen with her ‘Scooby gang’: witch Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan); Xander Harris (Nicholas Brendon); and Buffy’s mentor Giles (Anthony Stewart Head). Many others memorable characters come and go - even two vampires that play vital roles throughout the show, Angel (David Boreanaz) and Spike (James Marsters).

This show covers all grounds. It was one of the first popular shows to feature a strong female lead along with a number of other powerful women, with inclusion of some LGBT representation. It deals with the hardships of being a teenager, growing up, love, loss and everything else in between. This show has become a cult classic with quotable catchphrases, witty moments and loveable characters.

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AUTHOR: Amy K Brown
Head of Culture. @akathrynbrwn on Twitter.

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