TV’s top five Menacing Monsters

Jacob Clarke presents his list of scariest creatures...

Jacob Clarke
29th October 2018
Credit: youtube

TV has been full of creepy creatures as of late. Here's our rundown of the most terrifying: 


5. The Night King - Game of Thrones

The Night King is one of the oldest beings to inhabit Westeros, living there since the first age of men. Since that time his army of undead has only grown vaster and vaster beyond the Wall in the North. The Night King commands the White Walkers, the ever-present threat in Game of Thrones, who are constantly preparing in complete silence to completely slaughter the innocents of Westeros and turn them into White Walkers themselves. The Night King speaks no words; however, his icy glare hides a deep cunning and evil, enough to scare even Jon Snow.

4: Hell Hounds - Supernatural

Whilst Supernatural has seen hundreds of scary monsters every week for 14 seasons, the Hell Hounds are a consistent feature in the series, appearing when a human breaks a deal with a demon, or when time on the deal is up. These ferocious, undead, canine reapers appear unseen to the person about to meet their agonising fate. They tear the souls out of the human, collecting them for their demon master. In a show that contains evil creatures such as spirits and even The Devil himself, these are easily one of the most terrifying.

3: The Gentlemen - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Easily one of the most visually creepy beings on this list, The Gentlemen appear to be a cross between an early version of internet sensation, Slenderman, and Doctor Who’s The Silence. They appear as tall, pale and thin men, wearing black suits, also sporting twisted and menacing smiles on their faces. They require human hearts to stay alive, and float eerily and slowly towards their prey. They are completely invulnerable to all physical weapons, only destructable through the power of a human scream.

2: The Demogorgon - Stranger Things

Despite being taken out of Mike’s Dungeons and Dragons adventure, the Demogorgon as it appears in “real life” is hardly anything out of a game. Hailing from the dark and twisted realm of the Upside Down, the Demogorgon appears to be similar to a Xenomorph from Aliens, with a head that unfurls like petals of a flower to reveal menacing, sharp teeth. The creature is able to travel between dimensions at will, kidnapping and devouring unsuspecting victims. It can be recognised by its piercing high-pitched shriek.

1: Weeping Angels - Doctor Who

Easily the most terrifying monsters ever created for TV. Whatever you may think of Steven Moffatt’s writing in recent years, this is by far his greatest contribution to the Doctor Who canon. The Angels feed on the time energy of other beings by grabbing them and sending them back in to a place that they cannot escape, forcing them to live out their lives in a time that they don’t belong to and feeding on the potential time that they have lost. Whilst this is disturbing, it is the way the Angels move that is horrifying. They cannot move if someone is looking at them, but if you even slightly blink they will inch ever closer until they have you, turning from unsuspecting statues to terrifying creatures in seconds.

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