Underneath the tree- presents for the music lover in your life

Lucy Lillystone writes about some of the greatest gift ideas for the music lover in your life.

Lucy Lillystone
9th December 2019
Images: Dominic Lee, Flickr (Justin Fincher)
Having a sister who lives and breathes music, I'm no stranger to buying music-related gifts at Christmas time. While there is always an endless list of albums you can buy for that music lover in your life, sometimes its nice to spice things up and get some a little creative for the Christmas period. Here's my top 5 best gifts to give to the music lovers in your life:
  1. Make your own personalised album

Music lovers LOVE their albums but to make things more interesting, last year I decided to put effort into my sister's gift by personalising an album for her, made up of all her favourite songs. Although this sounds like a lot of effort, it really wasn't and it was actually quite nice listening to the songs that I know she loves. On top of this, I made my own album cover with pictures of all her favourite band members alongside naming the song names on the back inside jokes or things we'd said related to the song. For me, this was more than just another album to add to her collection and was definitely nice watching her opening it and realising what I'd done (my sister's a crier so no surprise she started crying).

2. Personalised soundwave print

While we're on personalised gifts, not on the high street do these amazing personalised favourite lyrics/soundwave prints where you can take a favourite song and get it printed in a unique and new way, framed and everything. While this may be hard because no doubt music lovers will struggle to tell you their favourite song, it again shows the thought you'll have put into the present and it's most definitely unique.

3. Band merch

Music lovers can never have too much band merch, whether this is t-shirts, jumpers, posters, etc. While often these can be quite expensive, trust me they will appreciate it. I've lost count of the times I've bought my sister a t-shirt over the years and she still appreciates it every year. And if the artist has brought out new merch just recently, even better as you know they'll definitely want it and just haven't got round to buying it yet.

4. Record coasters

Just recently, a friend of mine bought himself some record coasters and after a long wait for them to come, they finally arrived and I must say they looked pretty cool. So, if you've got a music lover in your life and you're stumped as to what to buy them this year, go retro and buy them some record coasters. They'll definitely spark questions when they're whacked out at pres. Or, they'll serve as a cool room decoration. Definitely make sure you order them in enough time to arrive for Christmas though!

5. Guitar Bookends

While scrolling the web these past few days for my own Christmas shopping, I came across some acoustic guitar bookends which I just thought was extremely creative and very cool. Whether to actually hold up books or to hold up CDs, these will look very nice on your bookshelves and will most definitely make that music lover in your life grateful during this festive period.

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AUTHOR: Lucy Lillystone
English Language and Literature graduate, writer and Film Editor 2019/20. Passionate about film, TV and books. 99.9% of my articles are me crying, emotional over my love for my favourite characters. Twitter: @lucylillystone_

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