Wanderlust in a click: the top travel YouTube channels

Life and Style Senior Editor Nimra Rafique, shares her favourite travel YouTubers

Nimra Rafique
8th March 2020
Feature Image Credit: haylsa, doyoutravel, shaymitchell from Instagram (made on Canva)
I’m definitely guilty of living vicariously through other people on social media, especially when it comes to travel, I mean it’s hard not to. With influencers and celebrities jetting off to a tropical paradise or bustling city, it’s hard not to get caught up in the countless amount of travel content. YouTube is probably the best platform to truly immerse yourself in a trip of a lifetime, even if it is only virtual.
Haylsa (@haylsa) and Kyle (@kyle_hunter)

This couple travel the world together and capture it so beautifully. I stumbled across their YouTube channel whilst researching about Cappadocia, Turkey; a destination amongst the top on my bucket list. Their travel videos strike the perfect balance between cinematographic clips of the breathtaking scenery and a personal touch as they talk to the camera in a vlog style, about their experience, including recommendations, challenges they faced and helpful advice for those looking to travel to the same places.

It’s often said that pictures and videos sometimes cannot do justice to a place as beautiful as the ones Haylsa and Kyle travel to, however I would argue that they do it very well. When watching their videos I feel as if I’ve been transported there, tagging along on the adventures with them. I think this is greatly to do with their use of camera angles, from drone shots showing amazing birds-eye views of beach’s along the Amalfi Coast of Italy, to flying amongst the clouds in a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia. In contrast to these big picture shots, they also capture the small details of each destination, as they explore the streets and discover hidden gems.

Jack Morris (@doyoutravel) and Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust)

I’m sure you have heard of @gypsea_lust and seen her travel photos all over Instagram. If there’s one person who is the queen of travel and providing the most amazing content to make us all feel envious, it’s her. She also expanded her content onto her partners YouTuber channel, Jack Morris, where the two document their travel adventure on video. Their videos tend to be more cinematic and professional, normally being a short montage of amazing shots, from the beauty of Cuba to the wonders of Bali (where they now call home). One thing I love about their travel videos is that they capture the depth of each place very well as they share footage of locals, so it’s not just about the location itself but the community that inhabits it. It gives the viewer a more authentic and unique perspective.

Shay Mitchell

I can’t write this article and not mention Shay Mitchell; although she’s most notable for being an actress, Shay also has a YouTube channel where she likes to capture and share her passion for travelling. She is known for being an avid traveller, and even started her own company based on creating travel luggage. One of my favourite travel videos of hers is definitely her trip to India; I’ve watched it countless times.

Her videos have a way of capturing the country and its people amazingly, and creates a whole narrative, almost like a short movie or documentary. My favourite part of the video is when we hear a beautiful message from a local about life, as he shares his wisdom. I love the way the video allows the local people of India to share their culture, from the meaning behind the colours they wear to the way they use folk-songs and ballads to preserve history. As well as making sure to encapsulates the country from the perspective of the people themselves, Shay adds a bit more fun, exciting and her own personal twist as she incorporates her own creativity with various photoshoots at each location throughout India, all of which are documented in the video. We learn so much, about India, it’s people and Shay’s personality, from this 19 minute video, so instead of just creating a beautiful montage, this video shares an exciting, touching and informative story.

Feature Image Credit: haylsa, doyoutravel, shaymitchell from Instagram (made on Canva)

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