Wavves: V

Fran Tomlison shares her thoughts on the latest offering from Wavves

22nd October 2015

If you’re looking for a new album to listen to whilst reflecting on your already slightly misspent youth, V, the new album by Wavves, might be just the one for you. V has already been praised as possibly the best album by Wavves yet (receiving a 5 star review from DIY magazine) and features a plethora of songs speaking of hedonism, destruction, and existential crises.

The upbeat, punk-rock style tunes, whilst hook heavy and catchy, also contain an undertone of sadness and emotional turmoil. Their first single from V, ‘Way Too Much’, succinctly summarises the key themes of the album. It speaks of drinking too much, teenage boredom, overthinking and of course featuring a pervading sense of endearing hopelessness. The lyrics are successfully paired with catchy, well-rehearsed choruses and fast paced musical accompaniment.

‘My Head Hurts’, a song not dissimilar to The Vaccines sound of their album Come of Age, repeats the motif of teenage angst over infatuation and overthinking: “I don’t resist, I don’t wanna exist”. The lyrics, of course displaying Nathan Williams’ San Diego roots with a truly American twang.

The 405's William Tomer comments that “one who chooses to listen to the album in full…will be treated to one of the most down-to-earth takes on what it is like to be actively battling your demons, internal or otherwise.” This I completely agree with, as Williams’ blunt take on young adult life appear to isolate him, but at the same time his lyrics appear to be inviting the listener into a relatable world of emotional instability and upbeat self-deprecation.

Long story short, V is the perfect album to listen to whilst you try to rationalise all those mistakes you made on that night out – a brilliant album for the slightly hopeless.


Fran Tomlinson

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