Alternative (non-boozy!) nights out in Newcastle

Molly, Jade, and Katherine tell you about their favourite non-boozy nights out to have on the Toon!

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19th November 2019
Feature Image Credits: Keith Pitchforth from Wikicommons (CC BY-SA 2.0) (no changes made)
Sick of boozing your student loan away? We've got a few great nights out in Newcastle that don't involve falling down the Soho stairs or drunkenly crying into a kebab at 4am! If you fancy a different kind of night out, check out our suggestions below:

Ghetto Golf - Molly Greeves

Don’t get me wrong, I love a night out. But sometimes the routine of pres, Sinners and Soho grows a little stale – luckily, we live in a city where there are loads of fun ways to spend your evening. One of those is none over than crazy golf. 

I was lucky enough to get to go to Ghetto Golf for free when it opened (do I have connections? No, I was a dogsbody at a local magazine. Neither here nor there.) Located at Hoult’s Yard, it’s a little way out for most of us students but it’s so worth the walk. The course is so inventive, with holes inspired by the Red Light District, the Jeremy Kyle Show, Super Mario Bros and a public toilet. Even if you’re not the kind of person who’ll Instagram the whole course, or send stupid videos to confuse your friends like I did, you’ve gotta admire the creativity that’s gone into it. 

If you really can’t stay off the sauce, there’s a bar with loads of different cocktails and an area to chill while you wait for your turn. The food is decent too: Apocalypse Cow has surprisingly good veggie options which kept me happy. 

Image Credit: Ghetto Golf Newcastle on Facebook

Salsa Dancing - Jade Aruzhan Sagynay

As someone who is obsessed with extra-curricular classes and has an insane amount of hobbies, I often tend to forget to take a break. However, if you are struggling to find an activity for your pastime, I believe I have just the cure for you! It is exercise as much as it is entertainment; it requires passion but also determination; and most importantly it is both fun and attractive. Caught your eye yet? Then come dance with me at Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba classes! And do not worry if you’ve never danced in your life before, because it is easy to pick up, especially when Newcastle is full of skilled and patient teachers.

What I love about these dancing styles is that you can dance practically on any night of the week! There are plenty of classes to attend, as well as opportunities to practice what you’ve learnt on socials. If you want to get a quick start on this, be sure to check out our University’s Salsa Society whose classes are held in Castle Leazes. They are also cheaper if you get the society’s membership.

Newcastle University Salsa Society provides classes on:

Monday – Bachata (9pm-11pm);

Tuesday – Kizomba (7pm-8:30pm);

Thursday – Salsa (7pm-9pm) + Social Dancing (9pm-11pm);

And if this proves not to be enough for you, there are also classes in town and at Northumbria University to have a look at. Don’t worry, the Latin dancing scene in Newcastle is absolute best with all sorts of levels included. And everyone is friendly: it is a drama free zone! I promise you, you won’t regret giving it a shot. And if you just happen to fall in love with dancing (like I did not so long ago), you will never have a boring night again.

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Film Nights - Katherine Rawlings

An obvious option? Perhaps. But, although Cineworld can be a great shout to keep up with the blockbuster films, there’s so much more available. With the new opening of Everyman cinema, you can now see all your favourites but while snuggled up under a blanket, on a sofa, with ice cream brought directly to you. Is there a better way to watch a film?

Tyneside Cinema also offers a fantastic range of indie and foreign films, for any film-buffs or language students out there (side note: check the Facebook page to find upcoming events, from ‘All-Nighters’ to ‘Brunch Screenings’.) Next up: the lesser-known Star and Shadow Cinema, in Sandyford, run by passionate volunteers. Here you can find everything from bizarre, but amazing, films you have never seen before, to important documentaries on current affairs.

Worried about money? Check out Quilliams Teahouse and Ernest café (with a calendar full of events, including craft nights and open mics) for free film screenings.

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Gigs - Katherine Rawlings

Love concerts but a bit broke? Don’t worry – we have the solution! With so many venues holding cosy gig nights around Newcastle, either completely free or for just a few pounds, you can enjoy some great artists without draining the student loan. Admittedly, most of them are in bars, but you can definitely enjoy this music alcohol-free! Some of my top suggestions are Head of Steam, The Globe, and The Cluny. If indie music is your thing, you should also check out the Indie Society to find new events! Alternatively, Cobalt Studios presents a range of music, with a recurring Thursday night dedicated to chill gigs from upcoming musicians. Even better? Homecooked meals are served up during the gig.

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Feature Image Credits: Keith Pitchforth from Wikicommons (CC BY-SA 2.0) (no changes made)

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