We Are Scientists: Helter Seltzer

Helen Daly reviews the latest album by We Are Scientists

Helen Daly
11th May 2016

The Californian indie rock band have had a a quieter few years. As is the case with indie bands, it’s often hard to replicate the success of the early years – such is the fleeting case of the genre. But here we are, over fifteen years later and We Are Scientists are back with a refreshed sound and complete album ready to boot.

Opening the album, comes lead single, and arguably the strongest sound on the album, ‘Buckle’. It’s a grungier sound for the band, with heavy bass and distorted guitars that almost drown out Keith Murray’s  voice.

Whilst the band has always drilled into the love theme, it all seems a bit more grown up now.

The album is definitely a progression from their lighthearted output from earlier in their career. ‘Waiting For You’ grows into a grungy lament on lost love while ‘Classic Love’ discusses the need for effort in relationships. Whilst the band has always drilled into the love theme, it all seems a bit more grown up now. ‘Want For Nothing’ delicates the gentler side to the band, with Murray’s vocals sounding delicate and emotive. It’s definitely a change for the band who are used to making a lot more noise, but definitively it’s a change for the better.

‘Headlights’, the band’s decidedly poppier track sounds straight outta Circa Waves, not that this is a bad thing. Cali-bands definitely do beach rock well, and this is certainly no exception. This deviation back to their more youthful sound of the early 2000s is only fleeting but it is nice to see that the band haven’t completely changed their sound.

Like Lazarus, the band have reinvented themselves, but have managed to retain their original charm and crooning abilities. And, it’s nice to hear an indie band these days sticking to the guitar-bass-drum combo that has always worked so well. A classic.


Helen Daly

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