We found love in a naked place...

The flaws of 'Naked Attraction' lie deep within the show... not your bodies!

Katie Siddall
15th February 2023
Image: @IMDB
Since July 2016, Anna Richardson has been looking at naked bodies with contestants for the dating game show... Naked Attraction. The show where the contestant gets to choose their date based on how physically attractive their dates are and what they sound like. Of course... they get naked themselves so it's fair when the couple go on their date.

Many people have probably watched the show and therefore wondered if this show is portraying people, and their bodies, in the correct light. Does the show enforce the stereotypes we have about bodies? Or does it, on the other hand, break these stereotypes?

If you want my honest opinion, I enjoy the show for its entertainment value. Though there are naked people on the screen in front of me, it is very light hearted and it is liberating to see all body types and all personalities standing next to or in front of Anna.

What show doesn't have flaws?

I believe the show tries to convey that everyone is different but everyone is 'normal' in their own way; this might make the viewers watching feel more comfortable with their own relationships. Similarly, if you find someone on the show with likening features (not of the 'norm') then it may help you feel more comfortable in your own skin too.

The stats you find out along the way are also part of the shows journey and it even emphasises that things you may not think are normal... are normal! Whether that refer to the body, to kinks or even the simplest form of attraction. Some of my favourite stats and facts come from Naked Attraction, which I often input into a conversation with my friends. They don't have to be sex based, or even body based, some can be accent based for example: the Scouse accent is perceived to be the most friendly in the UK. Fun fact, right?

With some positives of the show, there are also negative connotations from viewers. Sometimes the contestant on the show would rather pick the stereotypically hottest person there, thinking they'll have a spark, rather than the person they are instinctively attracted to. This may reinforce what viewers don't want to see as they could compare themselves to someone who fits a societal trope rather than reality. There appears to be some lovely people on the show who are empowering, and they can get thrown to one side due to their appearance. In this sense, the show pushes stereotypes and what society perceives as "beautiful" or "fit".

Does the show enforce the stereotypes we have about bodies?

There are definitely some flaws within the show, as mentioned above - but what show doesn't have flaws? Perhaps they are more blatant due to the nature of Naked Attraction. Overall, I think the show is very empowering, which personally, has made me feel more comfortable in my own body feeling as though I'm not on my own in this crazy, sex-addicted world.

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