What student media means to me

Dom Lee narrates his experiences with Newcastle Univeristies students media; telling us why he enjoys it so much

Dominic Lee
2nd October 2020

Coming into my third and (possibly) final year at university I’ve been thinking a lot about the time that I’ve spent with The Courier and NSR (Newcastle Student Radio). It’s hard for me to sum up what student media means to me in a catchy one-liner or even a paragraph. It just isn’t that simple.

Student media has undoubtedly been the best thing I’ve been involved with during my time at university and it’s given me so many memories that I hold dear to me. Being a part of The Courier and NSR has given me most of my closest friendships and I’ve made so many memories on the second floor of the SU that I’d almost call it my second home.

I’ll start off by talking about the wonderful publication that you’re reading right now. I’ve been one of the music sub-editors since the beginning of my second semester of first year, which I suppose makes me a bit of a Courier veteran. Being an editor for The Courier has been an incredibly enriching and rewarding experience, giving me a chance to express my creativity through journalism and write about things I feel passionate about.

The Courier office, while being a pretty cursed room at times thanks to many of its inhabitants, has been like a production line for treasured memories, with its friendly faces and hilarious quote board greeting me each time I enter. Helping to produce this incredible paper this week is a great privilege and will stay with me long after I leave university.

The Courier Online, Instagram

My journey with NSR has been just as eventful and memorable. I started out hosting my own show - Amplified - which I have presented for the last two years with my co-host Jack. NSR has shaped much of my university life for the past two years, so much so that I will be the station manager for the upcoming year alongside my friend Emma.

What springs out at me the most about my time at NSR is how truly unique the experiences I’ve had are as a part of the radio. Hosting your own radio show in itself is an experience you’ll only get at NSR whilst at university but I’ve also had the chance to DJ at a silent disco during RAG week and be a pundit at our very own Fight Night! Like with The Courier I’ve shared many memorable moments with some lovely people in the studio and at events. I may be biased as station manager but NSR is honestly one of the best things you can get involved with at university- and unlike a society we’re free to join so what do you have to lose!

Newcastle University Student Radio, Instagram

Overall, student media has made my university experience so far and I can’t wait for another year of fun with The Courier and NSR! So, if you’re reading this now and it’s peaked your interest I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Feature Image: Pixabay @StockSnap

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