What's in a name? Valentine's Edition: 'Love Song'

This week's "What's in a name?" looks at "Love song" for a Valentine's special.

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18th February 2019
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Simple Minds

From the name and band name alone, I can’t say this song was immediately recognisable. However upon listening and snooping a bit further, it was unsurprising that Simple Minds were the geniuses who also brought us the hit song most people recognise from The Breakfast Club, Dont You (Forget About Me). Both songs are perfect 80s bangers, and although Love Song isn’t the kind of slow, soft, gentle song I usually associate with love songs, I appreciate the upbeat and powerful tune of the song. I can imagine it playing in the background of a film set in the 80s as two people catch each other’s eyes across a crowded dance floor, donning their fingerless gloves and leg warmers. Although 80s rock isn’t my usual genre of choice, I appreciate that Love Song is a more alternative love song. It’s more powerful than soppy, and fantastically of its time.

-Carys Rose Thomas

Sara Bareilles

Although I have never actively gone out of my way to listen to this song, I am admittedly unable to refrain myself from singing along whenever I hear it. It must have something pretty special about it to have managed to stay in the US Billboard Hot 100 for 41 weeks. Despite the negativity of the lyrics, this song feels very happy-go-lucky – and, indeed, Sara is smiling all the way through the music video. Reading the comments on the YouTube video, however, proved illuminating – I had presumed the lyrics merely addressed a lovers’ tiff, but Sara herself admits the 2007 song was a response to pressures from her record label, describing it as "nasty in a passive-aggressive way”. Feisty.

-Grace Dean

Rihanna ft. Future

This track has an unusual sound for Rihanna, which can be described as ‘sci-fi’. The singer decided on a slower turn on her classic R&B. It was a very pleasant surprise on the ‘Unapologetic’ album, proving that she is a flexible and innovative artist. She performed and co-written it with the rapper Future. Their vocals blend perfectly together and lyrics revolve, as the title suggests, around themes of love and affection. I particularly liked Future’s line, about desperation – it can be interpreted as a critique of love songs in general. It’s simultaneously blunt and gentle, ‘Loveeeeeee Song’ definetly stands out from others.

-Jagoda Waszowiak

Trey Songz

This song is exactly what you’d expect Trey Songz interpretation of a “Love Song” to be. It is filled with his classic chilled back sex vibes. I mean the man literally sings about cracking crackers into soup at the start, and yet it somehow feels sexual? But the song remains casual, with his slow smooth voice- he isn’t pushing anything on you, he’s just suggesting a “little sex”. The music kicks in with a relaxed clap in that immediately gives it that R&B groove feel, and this continues throughout. If you can listen to this song without swaying like you’re in a R&B music video, then what’s wrong with you?

-Aimee Seddon

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