Where to shop vintage in NCL

Flora Strachan gives us the low-down on where to go to find the best vintage shops in our beloved student city, and why they’re one of a kind

9th November 2015


Sandwiched between a Kebab shop and a barbers, you could almost walk straight past FLIP. That is of course without the blaring music filtering out onto the street. This is cool vintage. This is American vintage, which is the shop’s unique selling point. On first entering, you are hit by a wave of denim, denim everything - be it dungarees, shirts or jackets. The shop is USA in true form from bowling shirts and varsity t-shirts to converse. The American soundtrack brings with it a nostalgic reminder of Grease, leaving you dancing and schmoozing around the shop. They sell heaps of different USA memorabilia, flag wall hangings and sport patches. Despite being a little expensive, definitely make the visit to FLIP. As one of the workers said, everything is one of a kind and despite being, ‘a little tucked away’, once found you will never stray!

flip3 online

Hip Cat -

hipcat online
A new addition to Newcastle’s vintage scene, Hip Cat has only been open for around two months, and claims to have ‘the cheapest prices in the toon’. It is part of an expanding business, with Small Change in Heaton being its sister shop and a new shop coming soon to York. With fairy lights on the ceiling intertwined with roses, ivy and naked Barbie dolls, the shop really is as weird and wonderful as it claims to be.  It has a varied range of cloth
es and great boys and girls sections. The selections range from 90s vibrant leggings to faux fur to lumberjacks to even wedding dresses. Despite the dimmed lights, it is a great place to shop and they even give discounted prices off the label. As it says on the window ‘we stock the vintage originals the high street tries to copy’, so head down herehipcat3online to inject some wackiness into your wardrobe.

The Yesterday Society - 


Tucked into a tiny corner of Grainger Market sits The Yesterday Society, a tiny shop crammed full of vintage beauties. This shop is like a portal back in time, the walls are adorned with old black and white photographs whilst a record player plays vintage hits.  The clothes in this shop are a lot less like Urban Renewal, but real and affordable vintage clothes. There are still the classic plaid shirts and Levi shorts, but more common are 70s dresses and 80s blouses. It has good prices too, plaid shirts are £14 and fluoro jackets, expensive anywhere else, are around £20.  Situated in a bustling market the shop oozes atmosphere and paired with helpful staff it seems the perfect place to shop.  On a miserable day it’s the perfect hideaway out of the rain. The highlight in here is the extensive range of accessories and chic silk scarves, which make you feel like Bridget Jones on a Mini-Break.
YS3 online

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